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Personal Styling Client Questionnaire: Style for the Workplace

Megan Hill
Personal Stylist Client Questionnaire: Style for the Workplace

Whilst the true definition of "business casual" is still up for debate, it is widely agreed that the way you dress for work has a significant impact on the way you do your job.

A strong sense of style can elevate a client's confidence, and ultimately, performance in their workplace.  So how does a personal stylist determine what will make their client feel empowered at the office?

Visualist speaks with five personal stylists to find out what questions they use to figure out their clients' workplace wardrobe requirements...

Christen Johnson

Why do you love what you do?

With this question, you want your client to open up about their passions and motivations. Their answers should tell you more about how they hope to be perceived in their workplace, and you can use that information to build their style identity.

Christen Johnson—personal stylist

Christen Johnson is a personal style consultant specialising in styling professional women. Read our full interview with Christen here.

Sarah Sullivan

What would you like to achieve from our session?

Before you start, set your goals. It is important to understand exactly what your client wants to get out of working with you. Are they looking for a whole new wardrobe, fit for a promotion? Or do they need advice on styling existing pieces to take the stress out of getting ready in the morning?

Sarah Sullivan—perosnal stylist

Sarah Sullivan is the founder of personal style consultancy, Style Solutions by Sarah. Read our full interview with Sarah here.

Shaquanna Chappelle

How do you want to feel when you show up in your workplace in your elevated style?

Powerful, sophisticated, elegant—if your client can pinpoint a keyword they would like to embody with their new style, that is a great clue as to the style and attitude you're looking to create.

Shaquanna Chappelle—personal stylist

Shaquanna Chappelle is an Atlanta-based image and style expert. Read our full interview with Shaquanna here.

Morgan Bienvenue

When was the last time you wore an outfit that made you feel like yourself?

Dressing for success also means dressing as your authentic self. Identify what made them feel great and then analyse why—that way you can recreate those elements to ensure you find clpotghes that make your client feel great again and again.

Morgan Bienvenue—stylist

Morgan Bienvenue works in editorial and personal styling. read our full interview with Morgan here.

Natalie Daley

Where do you see yourself in the next year if you make changes to your workplace style?

Share in your client's excitement about their future and the clothes that will take them there—it will make the process so much more enjoyable for you both. Plus, speaking your goals out loud is the first step to success!

Natalie Daley—personal stylist

Natalie Daley is the founder of Style Confidence Daley. Read our full interview with Natalie here.

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