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Shop Smart With Ginny Hudnut

Megan Hill
Ginny Hudnut is a personal stylist offering colour analysis and personal style analysis services.
Ginny wears a teal jumper and jeans and smiles over her shoulder whilst sifting through a rail of clothes
Ginny Hudnut—personal stylist

Four years ago, Ginny Hudnut opened her House of Colour franchise and has been making her clients decidedly more colourful, stylish, and confident ever since. House of Colour is a London-based organisation that offers incredible colour and style analysis services.

Personal styling encompasses Ginny's love for art, fashion, teaching, and relationships—truly her dream job!

Personal styling services

Ginny offers two distinct services, colour analysis and personal style analysis.

"Colour analysis must be done in-person using natural daylight and with a clean face—no makeup. I need to see how a client's skin reacts to various coloured drapes. The wrong colours can make you look older and tired. The right colours can make you appear younger and more rested—almost as if you are already wearing makeup."

Ginny's style analysis services spans two in-depth sessions—a preliminary zoom call followed by a meeting face-to-face. During these appointments Ginny assesses her clients' body architecture and personality to uncover the clothes that will flatter them the most and work with their lifestyle.

Inside out

Ginny knows that understanding personality is crucial to uncovering style. "Finding clothes that flatter the client’s body is actually the easy part. It’s combining that person’s body architecture (what’s on the outside), with their personality (what’s on the inside) that takes time."

"Having a signature style is about honouring who you are both inside and out. Trends come and go but knowing which ones work for you helps you to curate a closet where you are the anchor piece. It is a joy to help people unlock this!"

Unravelling individuality

Ginny finds that her clients' tastes can be very eclectic! "A client might want to look sultry and cute, glamorous and understated, edgy and minimalist."

Ginny's job is deciphering which of those descriptors is simply something her client appreciates on others, and which will truly honor them.

"My work is all about identifying clothes and makeup that honour a body just as it is."

"I never want a client to leave a colour or style analysis feeling like they've lost something. In fact, I want them to feel as though more doors have been opened!"

In her studio, Ginny holds a pink drape around her client
Pretty in pink—Ginny conducts a colour analysis for her client.

Opening the door to a brand new you, starts with answering a few simple questions. We challenged Ginny to get to know a client who wants to shop efficiently and build a minimal, fuss-free wardrobe—if she had just ~5 questions to work with...

What... do you want to look like?

Step 1: clarify how my client wants to be perceived. Thinking about how you’d like to be described by someone else can help you to hone in on your wardrobe.

When... do you get frustrated whilst shopping or getting dressed?

Some clients come to me because they love to shop and want to shop more for the right items, others come to me for opposite reasons—they are hoping that a set of personalised guidelines can help them learn to love shopping! Recognising the most stressful point in the process for them is hugely helpful.

Why... do you feel like a style analysis will be helpful?

I help clients clarify their objectives so that I can make sure I hit each one. Some clients need new clothes for date nights and social events, and some need my help because they feel frumpy in their everyday clothes—you should feel cute even when running errands!

Who... are your style icons?

We’ve all got them! This is a good starting point, but rather than copying someone else’s signature style we'll find cuts, silhouettes and details that work for you.

Where... are your favourite places to shop?

background information on the stores my client frequents, can help me understand what might be missing in their wardrobe. I want clients to shop with intentions and steward their money well. Shopping should not be a limiting process, it should result in loving everything you own instead of leaving things unworn in your closet.

Ginny holds drapes in varying shades of blue around her client
Finding the perfect match—Ginny conducts a colour analysis for her client.

Got a question for Ginny? Find out more about Ginny's services, or discover a world of colour on her Instagram.