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A Wardrobe Refresh With Michelle Wright

Megan Hill
Michelle Wright wears a floral dress over a stripe long sleeve top. Pattern clashing done right!
Michelle Wright smiles with her arms crossed over a dark blue t-shirt with bright pink trousers
Michelle Wright—personal stylist

Michelle Wright, aka Mrs Stylewright, is an East Midlands-based personal stylist and colour analyst. Michelle focuses on helping women over 30 to rediscover their confidence through the power of dressing.

Let's meet

Michelle's process begins with a "getting to know each other call" to establish her prospective client's needs. If all goes well, a meeting follows.

If the client is local, or happy to pay Michelle's travel expenses, then the meeting will take place in person—usually at the client's house. Zoom meetings work too but Michelle prefers to meet her clients face to face. "I think that you get a better feel of a person from meeting in real life."

Dress for the life you live

"When uncovering someone's style it's important that I know who they aspire to be versus who they actually are."

A client's daily lifestyle will massively impact their wardrobe. "It's pointless glamming someone up in suits and heels if they spend their days at messy play with their 3-year-old!" Hearing the truth from her clients is really important—an inaccurate picture will result in an inauthentic style and the client not feeling truly themselves.

Michelle knows her job is done when she sees her clients "out and about looking fabulous!"


The most challenging part of Michelle's job is changing people's negative perceptions of themselves. Her work seeks to build each individual's self-confidence so that they can finally see what others see.

Michelle holds a red drape up to the face of a smiling client
Find your colour—Michelle Wright conducts a colour consultation service.

To help a client see themselves through others' eyes, Michelle must first figure out how they see themselves. The scenario: a client wants to refresh their style by making the most of what they already have, not investing in too many new items. We challenged Michelle to understand this client's existing relationship with their wardrobe—if she had just 5 questions to work with...

What... do you wear the most?

When... did you last feel fabulous? (Where were you and what were you wearing?)

Why... aren't you happy with your wardrobe?

Who... do you want to be? (Who are you now?)

Where... are you in your life right now? (Where have you come from? Where do you want to be?)

Michelle holds up a coloured striped dress for her client. An open wardrobe stands in the background
The perfect dress—Michelle provides styling options for her client.

Got a question for Michelle? Find out more about Michelle's services on her website. Find style tips and outfit inspiration on her Instagram.