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Start your own personal styling consultancy with access to professional courses and advice from personal styling business coaches.

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Lyden Claire Killip

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April 5, 2023

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Congratulations! You're here because you're ready to turn your dream of starting your own personal styling business into a reality. In order to build a successful personal styling business you need both an eye for fashion and a business mindset. Personal styling is a highly competitive industry, so it is important to equip yourself with the correct knowledge and expertise from the outset. We have rounded up the best personal styling courses for new stylists to help you set up a personal styling business from scratch! And who said Instagram was just for #styleinspo? Check out our list of leading personal styling business coaches to follow on Instagram to find industry advice and support on your personal styling journey.

Turn your passion for fashion into a successful career as a personal stylist with this guide to resources for new personal stylists.

Best personal styling courses for new stylists

Investing in a professional personal styling course is a great way to learn the foundations of running a personal styling business, from marketing your business to finding your styling niche. These courses are ran by accredited professionals to help you set up a successful styling business.

The Styling Advisory

Your tutor: Sarah Cohen

The Styling Advisory, led by Sarah Cohen, is an excellent resource for personal stylists who need to improve their business skills. Their short business course focuses on marketing and building your brand, making it perfect for those struggling with poor management styles and business strategies. The Styling Advisory offers three programs, including an individual course, a group course, and a social media course. They will teach you how to create and launch virtual personal styling services, build a brand that reflects your style and offerings, attract clients using social media platforms, and develop your client packages.

Visit The Styling Advisory website.

The Style Academy

Your tutor: an array of industry experts

The Style Academy is an ideal choice for those who aspire to become personal stylists, as they offer six masterclasses that you can choose from. If you have little to no knowledge about personal styling, their short business courses will provide you with comprehensive discussions, including body analysis and creating your look book. Additionally, The Style Academy will teach you how to manage your business and clients, beginning with consultations and personal shopping for clients. With The Style Academy, there is no rush. Study at your own pace as these courses are available at anytime.

Visit The Style Academy website.

Style by Rebecca

Your tutor: Rebecca Davies

When you visit Style by Rebecca's website, you'll see that they offer three courses: short courses for those interested in learning about personal styling, a three-day training course for personal stylists looking to improve their skills, and a five-day course that covers both styling skills and business management. The five-day course also includes guidance on starting and maintaining a personal styling business from scratch.

Visit the Style By Rebecca website.

Best personal styling business coaches to follow on Instagram

A specialised personal styling business coach can offer you mentoring, support and resources to help you set up your personal styling business. Follow these business coaches for personal stylists on Instagram for access to expert advice whilst you scroll.

Brianna Wise

Instagram: @briwisestyle

Brianna Wise is a fashion stylist turned personal styling business coach and author of “Becoming A Stylist” Her Instagram grid is a library of resources for personal styling entrepreneurs, including advice on creating your portfolio, preparing client packages, crafting your personal brand, pricing your services and much more. Brianna offers further education via free resources available on her website.

Read more business advice for personal stylists from Brianna Wise.

Lauren Messiah

Instagram: @laurenmessiah

The Style Boss Academy is an online business school for personal stylists and Lauren Messiah is its principal! Lauren's bubbly personality and energetic persona are accompanied by solid experience and genuinely great advice—making her page the perfect destination to learn all things personal styling business! Be sure to catch Lauren's live interviews with professional stylists to provide invaluable insight into the profession and the industry—but don't worry, they're always saved to her highlights too!

Ginny Hudnut

Instagram: @houseofcolourdallas

Ginny Hudnut is a colour and style analyst, helping women to look and feel their best using the power of colour. Though her Instagram is primarily a place to connect with her clients, Ginny's wealth of knowledge in colour consulting is evident throughout her regular posts and reels. As a personal stylist, it is essential to understand how specific colours work best for different skin tones and complexions, so there is a lot of content to take note of on Ginny's page.

Read more business advice for personal stylists from Ginny Hudnut.

Sarah Cohen

Instagram: @thestylingadvisory

Sarah Cohen is the founder of the aforementioned Styling Advisory, a personal styling business coaching platform. Sarah's Instagram is a highlight real of all her best advice. Prior to establishing The Styling Advisory, Sarah spent twenty years refining the art of marketing across retail and media and so her expertise is centred round building a personal brand and marketing yourself and your business to a new client base.

Read more business advice for personal stylists from Sarah Cohen.

Nikki Venus

Instagram: @iamnikkivenus

Relatable and professional—Nikki Venus is a leading business coach for personal stylists. Nikki's Instagram is a digital resource library for style coaches complete with business advice, motivational quotes, and relatable reels and her detailed captions walk personal stylists step-by-step through game-changing business strategies. Nikki's page is a treasure trove for upcoming personal stylists who need actionable advice on building the foundations of their style consultancy.

The Verdict

Starting a career in personal styling can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. Advice and education from personal styling industry experts is readily available, and with it you can gain the skills you need to set up a succesful personal styling business.

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