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Do Business in Style: Personal Styling Business Coaches to Follow Now

Lyden Claire Killip
Do Business in Style: Personal Styling Business Coaches to Follow Now

We all have our favourite "it" girl fashion influencers to follow on Instagram but there is more to the platform than just #styleinspo, Instagram can be a valuable resource for personal stylists to learn more about running their personal styling business.

There is an abundance of industry experts that dedicate their Instagram feeds to sharing tips on client communication, business management and personal marketing.

Turn your nightly Instagram scroll into a productive time for your personal styling consultancy by following these successful personal styling business coaches on Instagram.

Brianna Wise - @briwisestyle

Brianna Wise
Follow Brianna Wise on Instagram.

Brianna Wise is a fashion stylist turned personal styling business coach and author of “Becoming A Stylist”

Her Instagram grid is a library of resources for personal styling entrepreneurs, including advice on creating your portfolio, preparing client packages, crafting your personal brand, pricing your services and much more. Brianna offers further education via free resources available on her website.

Oh and besides all the top-tier advice, Brianna's signature classy style is sure to give you plenty of inspiration!

Hear more words of wisdom from Brianna here.

Ginny Hudnut - @houseofcolourdallas

Ginny Hudnut
Follow Ginny Hudnut on Instagram

Ginny Hudnut is a colour and style analyst, helping women to look and feel their best using the power of colour.

Though her Instagram is primarily a place to connect with her clients, Ginny's wealth of knowledge in colour consulting is evident throughout her regular posts and reels. As a personal stylist, it is essential to understand how specific colours work best for different skin tones and complexions, so there is a lot of content to take note of on Ginny's page.

Ginny has recently welcomed Genna Thomas to her team, so now you get double the expertise for the price of one!

Learn more about Ginny and her colour magic here.

Sarah Cohen- @thestylingadvisory

Sarah Cohen
Follow Sarah Cohen on Instagram.

Sarah Cohen is the founder of The Styling Advisory, a personal styling business coaching platform.

Her podcast by the same name is a go-to source f knowledge for personal stylists and her Instagram acts as a sort of highlight real for all the best advice shared.

Prior to establishing The Styling Advisory, Sarah spent twenty years refining the art of marketing across retail and media and so her expertise is centred round building a personal brand and marketing yourself and your business to a new client base.

Find more of Sarah's invaluable advice for running your personal styling business here.

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