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How a Personal Stylist Uses Visualist

personal styling

Jenna Flood is a slow fashion stylist who uses Visualist to build colour palettes, collate inspiration and present ideas to her clients.

Words by 

Megan Hill

Published on 

January 31, 2023

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In a world of hyper-consumerism and relentless fashion trends, we could all learn a lesson from stylist and sustainability advocate, Jenna Flood.

Jenna uses Visualist in her curation of client lookbooks and finding the perfect colour palettes. Visualist speeds up her process so that she has more time to focus on promoting slow fashion—making an impact one wardrobe at a time.

Introduce yourself...

Hello! I am Jenna (She/Her) I am a slow fashion stylist whose main focus is educating people on issues surrounding fast fashion. I help people build their wardrobes in a more sustainable way with clothing made with ethical practices and pre-loved items. Alongside my work as a stylist, I work at a trade-style clothing store called Mutual Muse in Brunswick, Melbourne. I have also been invited to speak publicly about slow fashion, having been featured on the radio and even in Peppermint magazine!

Where do you find inspiration?

I usually put 'street style' in a search. There are so many street-style photographers out there and there are also many stylish people (and not just at events!) these images always give me ideas and colour palettes for my next project or just day-to-day dressing.

What role does Visualist play in your process?

I am currently curating a client look book with the help of Visualist. The boards and palettes I present should make my clients excited to explore their new style. I use moodboards to get an idea of what my client wants from their style. A client may say they want a classic style, but that means something different to everyone—moodboards help guide me towards what they are looking for. They also help me identify the colours and what a client may like about a certain look.

How important is colour in a wardrobe?

Colour is key in a moodboard, it makes the whole thing look cohesive and helps to communicate the overall vision. I use Visualist's colour search to bring together the perfect colour palettes for my clients.

The colours we wear impact our mood. I always feel so light when I wear lighter colours and I always feel a bit mysterious when I wear darker tones. I know I always feel happy when looking at fun prints put together in interesting ways. I think we should all wear what makes us smile.

Jenna Flood created a board for every mood in Visualist.

What is your favourite colour combination to wear right now?

As we are coming into Spring here in Australia, I am loving neutral tones paired with white and maybe tan or dark brown accessories. Black is always in rotation for me and green is one of my favourite colours to give my wardrobe something special.

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