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Digital Colour Palette Generators for Creatives

Lyden Claire Killip
Digital Colour Palette Generators for Creatives

Colour speaks volumes. The right colour palette elevates your work to a new level but finding it takes time and effort.

A tip making the search for that dream colour combo a little easier: use a colour palette generator.

Like a colourful PA, a colour palette generator tool will reduce the time it takes for you to find the perfect colour combo for your creative project.

As all designers know, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to building a colour palette. Which is why, like colours themselves, colour palette generation tools come in many different shades.

Whether you're looking to automate your design process, find a colour scheme for your Instagram feed or get a dose of colour inspiration, there is a colour palette tool that can solve your creative dilemma.

We cannot just pick one, so we prepared a list of the best colour palette generators you can try now!

Huemint - See Colours in Action

See how your colour scheme works in the real world with Huemint.

Huemint allows you to play around with colour palettes, locking in your favourite shades and swapping in new ones until you find the perfect combo. But how can you be sure a colour combo really works until you've seen it in situ?

Which is why Huemint then applies that colour scheme to mock-ups of merch, packaging, signage and more—amazing, right?

Farbvelo - Generate a Wild Card

Farbvelo randomly generates colour palettes for you.

We all need a little burst of inspiration now and again! Farbvelo's colour generator provides just that!

See things from a new perspective—again and again and again. Use Farbvelo to generate endless colour combinations. Eventually, one is sure to hit the spot!

Top tip: play around with the settings to get colour palettes customised for your needs.

Visualist — From Picture to Palette


Have you ever found an image that perfectly captures the colour scheme you're going for—but you just can't figure out the hex codes? Or even if you did manage to, wouldn't it be great if it didn't take so damn long!?

If the answer is yes, you're going to love Visualist.

Upload any image to your Visualist library and watch as AI pulls out the key colours and compiles them in a colour palette. You can then further customise the palette it creates and download it as a new image—pretty cool, right?

Want to try it out for yourself? Join the waitlist here!

Colorkuler - Build a Colour Coordinated Feed

Get your Instagram feed on point with Colorkuler.

Let's face it, we all obsess over the aesthetics of our Instagram feed! And rightly so, Instagram is often your first impression to potential new clients.

Colorkuler analyses your Instagram grid and determines the dominant colours—and there you have it, a colour palette to work with going forward even potential new brand colours!

Colour subliminally says a lot about you and your brand, it's worth checking that yours are doing you justice!

Khroma - Embrace AI

Khroma opens up a world of colourful possibilities with AI.

To get started with Khroma, you'll need to select 50 colours from a seemingly endless array of hues and shades. Khroma then uses AI technology to memorise your colour preferences and recommend palettes to your taste.

You can save all the colour combos recommended to build a reference bank of tailored colour combos you're sure to love!

Speaking in Color - Turn Words Into Colours

Speaking in Color
Describe your dream colour palette and watch it appear with Speaking in Color.

Hex codes? So old-fashioned! The next it girl is using words to identify colours.

Sometimes we can't visualise a colour but we can describe it as a memory, a setting, or a feeling—with Speaking In Colour—that's all you need!

Describe the mood of your colour palette the best you can, et voila! You'll have your perfect colour palette in a matter of minutes.

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