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Time Management Tools for Creatives

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Organise your time, so you can spend more time creating.

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Megan Hill

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July 5, 2022

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Deadlines, admin and time tracking are not naturally conducive to the creative process. However, efficient time management is essential to the work of any creative professional. Luckily, we've rounded up the best time management tools designed with creative people in mind—to support your creative process, rather than inhibit it.

Integrating the right tools into your workflow will help you to sync your calendar with team members, kick those procrastination habits, and make efficient use of all your time—because time is money after all...


Sunsama lets you view your to-dos, calendars, emails, and tasks on one serenely-designed screen. Say goodbye to flustered, unfocused work—instead wrap up every day feeling cool, calm and collected.

Star feature

A task manager and a tutor, Sunsama offers daily email courses that teach on topics such as habit building, productivity and switching off work mode.



After a 14-day free trial period, Sunsama charges $10 a month for their services.

Suits you if...

You're feeling a little overwhelmed! As creatives, we've all been there but Sunsama could be the antidote.

Try Sunsama


Say goodbye to accidental unpaid overtime. Harvest is built for the creative freelancer charging an hourly rate. Harvest allows you to track time spent on a project to the exact minute, transfer that data into client invoices, and use the insights to better manage your time in the future.

Star feature

Harvest updates budget used as your team logs time-spent. Real-time figures ensure you can keep projects punctual and profitable.



Harvest offers a fully-functional 30-day free trial, after which you'll pay $12/mo/user.

Suits you if...

You charge by the hour. Your time is quite literally money, so make sure you're selling it for what it's worth.

Try Harvest


No more wasting time with the back and forth of meeting arrangements. syncs all existing calendars and allows you to customise your availability so clients can easily see when you're free to chat. Simply put: "Focus on meeting, not making meetings."

Star feature

Let others do the work, but retain control. allows you to set a minimum meeting notice period, apply limits to how many meetings you take per day/week and schedule downtime in between bookings.



The best part? You can get started with for free. A premium version is also available for just $12/mo/user.

Suits you if...

You're in high demand! For those who spend a lot of time in meetings, will free up time in your day that you never knew you were wasting. What will you do with all that time you save not organising meetings? Get creating perhaps...



Fed up with re-arranging your schedule to find the 'perfect fit'? Then sit back and let Motion re-shuffle for you. Motion trusts AI to assess your daily to-do list and find the perfect way to structure your day.

Star feature

Motion's in-built project manager creates custom schedules for each member of your team, ensuring priorities are always balanced and every project remains on track.



Sign up for an annual subscription and you'll pay $19 a month for individuals and $12 for members of a team. Bonus: a 7-day free trial and 30-day money-back guarantee mean you really can try before you buy.

Suits you if...

You could do with one extra month per year—Motion claims to save users an average of 30.3 days a year.

Try Motion

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