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Personal Stylists, It's Time to Go Virtual

personal styling

Three reasons personal stylists should consider offering virtual styling services.

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Sophia Angel Lou Quiachon

Published on 

March 2, 2023

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As a fashionista, nothing quite compares to the physical styling experience—grabbing cute pieces off the rack, feeling the fabrics, and seeing the expression on your client's face when you find the perfect look! The increased popularity of online shopping means consumers have more creative freedom in building their wardrobes but it also means they are overwhelmed by choice, heavily influenced by trends, and have no idea how clothes bought online will fit—all problems that fall within a personal stylist's area of expertise. The role of a personal stylist is increasingly relevant, but clients are now looking for a different kind of bespoke styling experience. How can personal stylists keep up with trends in consumer demands? Simple, go virtual.

Adding virtual services to your offerings won't change how you work or what you offer your clients, you'll just be delivering it in a different manner. Think you're ready to go virtual? 3 reasons you absolutely should!

Earn more, save more

It's true that in-person interaction is invaluable, but the quality of Zoom and other digital tools today makes it more than possible to build trust and rapport with your clients remotely—and at a fraction of the cost. Working virtually, all you really need is a stable internet connection! You don't have to pay for transportation and other expenses like you would as an in-person stylist—meaning increased net profit for your styling business!

When offering virtual services, you should also explore the opportunities for passive income. Selling online resources and courses to your clients, like style guides and closet cleansing tutorials, is a great way to boost your earnings and increase your value to clients.

Learn more about Erica Ball's experience as a virtual stylist.

Take control of your time

One of the best parts of virtual styling is having a flexible schedule. 1-on-1 virtual styling sessions usually run around 30 minutes, depending on your and your client's decision. Meaning you can work with several clients per day and still enjoy plenty of free time after. And the best part? You will now have more time to build better relationships with your clients. Since you don't need to spend long hours travelling and getting ready, that extra time can be spent getting to know your clients and creating a truly bespoke service for them. And with a virtual calendar, you can control when clients are able to book appointments—gifting you with the chance to block out time for family, friends and "me" time!

Learn more about Christen Johnson's experience as a virtual stylist.

Expand your clientele

Time to bring your expertise to a whole new market! By offering virtual styling services, your reach will more than double! You are no longer confined to clients in your region or state because you can now connect with potential clients all around the world. Not to mention, many clients in this generation simply prefer online services so offering this alongside your in-person services makes you more appealing to a wider market.

Virtual styling is an exciting opportunity to challenge yourself creatively by working with clients from diverse backgrounds, and you know what? You might even finally be able to style that international brand that you love!

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