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Personal Styling Client Questionnaire: Identifying Pain Points

Megan Hill
Personal Stylist Client Questionnaire: Identifying Pain Points

Personal style can be a sensitive subject—many wardrobe hangups are rooted in insecurities both physical and emotional. For personal stylists, building a beautiful wardrobe is a great outcome; but watching a client grow in confidence and self-acceptance is the real reward.

What questions can personal stylists ask on their client intake form to identify any barriers their client may need to overcome?

Visualist speaks with five personal stylists to find out what questions help them to understand their client's pain points and begin working through them...

Michelle Wright

When did you last feel fabulous?

Your role extends beyond curating the perfect wardrobe, it is also about how you make your clients feel. The way you phrase your questions can help to rewrite your client's narrative from one of self-doubt to one of self-love—so always focus on the positives!

Michelle Wright—personal stylist

Michelle Wright is a personal stylist based in the East Midlands, UK. Read our full interview with Michelle here.

Ginny Hudnut

When do you get frustrated whilst shopping or getting dressed?

It can be difficult for clients to pinpoint what exactly is leaving them unsatisfied with their wardrobe. Instead, it could be useful to identify when the problems arise and work backwards from there.

Ginny Hudnut—personal stylist

Ginny Hudnut is a personal stylist and colour analyst. Read our full interview with Ginny here.

Erica Ball

When you look in your closet, how do you feel?

Naturally followed by, "How would you like to feel?" Once you have established your client's current relationship with their wardrobe and what they hope to achieve with the help of your services, the work can begin.

Erica Ball—personal stylist

Erica Ball is a personal stylist based in Los Angeles, CA. Read our full interview with Erica here.

Saasha Scaife

Why do you feel scared to wear bright colours?

Wardrobes are more fun with colour! But embracing the rainbow can be hard for some clients, and their reservations are often evidence of deeper insecurities. If you can come to understand your client's hesitations, you can then support them in embracing brighter possibilities!

Saasha Scaife—personal stylist

Saasha Scaife is a personal stylist and colour consultant. Read our full interview with Saasha here.

Polly Goodyear

What could make you feel more comfortable trying this type of item?

Asking this question should help reassure your client that they can trust you to support them on this journey. Together you and your client can brainstorm potential strategies to help them overcome their insecurities.

Polly sits in a white rocking chair on a porch wearing long white dress with blue paisley pattern
Polly Goodyear—personal stylist and gift concierge

Polly Goodyear is a personal stylist and gift concierge. Read our full interview with Polly here.

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