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Natalie Daley on Dressing for Promotion

personal styling

Natalie Daley shares the questions on her client intake form.

Words by 

Megan Hill

Published on 

August 9, 2022

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Natalie Daley is a doctor with a passion for fashion. Alongside her medical career, Natalie is the founder of Style Confidence Daley—a personal styling consultancy prescribing clothes as a means for women to develop their confidence in the workplace.

I'm listening

Natalie usually speaks with her clients over the phone or on Skype, to discuss the findings of their style questionnaire and their style board. But no matter the method of communication, listening is always key. Listening to your client and what they're looking for is so important.

With all her work, Natalie seeks to really understand the individual's personality and encapsulate that in their wardrobe. Watching the visible transformation in a clients' confidence is Natalie's favourite part of her job. She knows she has done her job well when clients let her know they've been using her suggestions whilst doing their own shopping.

Overcoming obstacles

Styling work is most challenging when a client has a very specific brief. "Your goal is to do your best for your client. Naturally you want to ensure you interpret their brief just right."

Natalie has also had to come to term with the fact that client's won't love every item or outfit you pick for them—and that's okay!

Client deep dive

Natalie's styling services are tailored specifically for women in the workplace. She helps her clients to dress in a way that reflects the positions they aspire to have, or those they already hold. In keeping with Natalie's area of expertise, we challenged her to make an initial consultation for a client who wants to up her game at work by "dressing for the role she wants"—if she had just 5 questions to work with.

Who... do you admire in terms of their style?

What... do you want to achieve by changing/discovering your workplace style?

Where... do you see yourself in the next year if you make changes to your workplace style?

When... do you want to achieve this by?

Why... do you feel that your workplace style is holding you back from getting the role you want?

Got a question for Natalie? Find out more about her services on her website. Or find Natalie on Instagram.

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