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Pinning Down Priorities With Catherine Robertson

Megan Hill
Catherine Robertson wears a lilac gingham milkmaid dress in a sunny garden.
Catherine smiles wearing a casual white tshirtand long necklaces. Her picture is in black and white and super imposed onto a checkered a background
Catherine Robertson—founder of CR Styling

Catherine Robertson trained at the London College of Style before setting up her personal styling consultancy CR Styling. Catherine leaves each of her clients looking like a million dollars—minus the price tag!


As a mother herself, Catherine understands that time can be sparse for her clients. But that doesn't stop her from making them feel "confident, happy and fabulous."

And the same goes for budget. Catherine firmly believes that "the UK high street offers all you need to look stylish and effortlessly chic."

In house

The best place to meet a client is in their own homes. "You can learn so much about their style and lifestyle needs from talking to clients in their own house."

To kick off this meeting, Catherine asks her client to show her their current favourite outfit—the one they feel most confident in. The hardest part of Catherine's job is then having to tactfully say, "That looks nice but I can definitely make you look even better!"

Catherine poses hand on head, wearing a black vest and classic blue denim jeans. She wears white sandals and a black chain strap bag.h
A casual daytime look—Catherine Robertson, self-styled.

Catherine knows she can make her clients look and feel amazing. But first, she has to know what that means to them. We challenged Catherine to pin down the priorities of a new client—if she only had 5 questions to work with...

What... is your favourite part of your body?

When... do you feel your most confident?

Why... have you chosen to work with a stylist? (It is important to know what the client is expecting.)

Who... do you follow on Instagram and love?

Where... do you usually shop?

Catherine takes a mirror selfie in a high street shop. She wears dark blue skinny jeans , a white shirt with black waistcoat and a beige trench coat
Stylish shopper—Catherine Robertson, self-styled.

Got a question for Catherine? Explore her services on her website, or check out her Instagram.