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Christen Johnson on Power Dressing

personal styling

Do you have clients who need help with their work wardrobe? Christen Johnson shares her top tips.

Words by 

Megan Hill

Published on 

September 7, 2022

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Christen Johnson is the founder of personal style consultancy, SCB Luxury Styling. Christen works with professional, executive and entrepreneurial women to help them make an impact on their audience and a statement with style.

Client involvement

SCB Luxury Styling is entirely virtual and has been since 2020. Because Christen doesn't meet any of her clients in person, it is important that clients understand their role and how much of their attention is needed to make their styling experience run smoothly. "As the expert, I handle all the grunt work that needs to be done when it comes to shopping and determining their personal style, but the growth doesn’t stop after the service is completed.

"I make sure to provide each of my clients with the necessary tools for them to continue making intentional wardrobe decisions and accomplish their style goals."

One way to keep clients engaged is to set them homework! Christen asks clients to show up at closet cleanse sessions with 5 items they love but don’t really know how to style. taking a close look at individual garments helps Christen to really solidify her understanding of a client's personal style and preferences.

Establishing trust

"Most of my time is spent building an authentic relationship with my clients and making them feel comfortable because I know that if they like me, they’ll trust the brand. I aim to retain that personal touch in my digital products—which is a little different but just as simple. I primarily incorporate videos and linkable content to make the experience more personal and welcoming."

"I’m also really big on communicating the steps in my process to my client—what each step consists of and why. When a client understands the steps they need to take in order to get the results they want, they are more inclined to move forward."

Empowering clients

Christen focuses on helping her clients to make a statement with their style. "I do that by showing my clients how to properly take their measurements so they can determine their unique body shape. When you know your size and your body shape, you’ll be able to determine which styles flatter your body best."

Language is also important. Christen has developed a dictionary of body shapes that she uses in all SCB consultations such as 'Heart of Hearts' and 'Perfect Pear'. Christen explains, "Words mean everything. If you’re constantly calling yourself something that makes you negative about yourself then that is how you’ll feel. Changing the names of body shapes to something that represents beauty and sophistication will make someone feel valuable and luxurious—which is exactly how I want my clients to feel when they work with me."

Client deep dive

Dress for the life you want to live, and the boss you already are! We challenged Christen to understand the priorities of a of an impactful woman wanting to refresh her everyday wardrobe and superpower her life and career—if she had just ~5 questions to work with...

What... does your everyday lifestyle look like?

When... do you feel the most confident about yourself?

Why... do you love what you do?

Who... do you want to impact?

Where... do you see yourself at your fullest potential?

Got a question for Christen? Visit SCB Luxury Styling's website, or find a bank of ideas for refreshing your wardrobe on their Instagram.

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