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The Initial Consultation With Polly Goodyear

Megan Hill
Polly Goodyear, personal stylist
Polly Goodyear sits on grey velvet sofa wearing green shirt and smiling
Polly Goodyear—personal stylist

After developing a love for shopping at age 12, it was only natural for Polly Goodyear to build a career as a personal stylist and gift concierge.

Polly works to create wardrobes for every style, body, and budget—so that getting dressed is always simple, flattering and fun.

Keep it simple

Polly's client communication often begins via email, and then migrates to text as they get to know one another better. "Most of my clients send selfies via text if they are looking for my input. Alternatively, we simply meet in person."

Crucial first steps

An intake questionnaire and client photos are critical first steps in Polly's process. She then also learns an immense amount during the initial closet edit.

Polly knows she's done a good job when her client loves almost everything she suggests in terms of new purchases and suggested styling of existing pieces.

Finding the time

Sometimes, finding time in her client's schedule is Polly's biggest challenge—finding a block of 3-4 hours for a client to focus solely on themselves and their closet is easier said than done!

"Whilst I don’t need my client to be up to her elbows in her own stuff, I do need her to try a lot on and give me a lot of information about her self-image, how things fit, what works for her lifestyle and what her goals are."

Polly Goodyear holds up a black and white leopard print blazer in front of a mirrored wardrobe
Polly Goodyear offers an array of personal styling services including personal shopping and "closet therapy".

What questions make up the initial questionnaire that acts as such a crucial step in Polly's process? We challenged Polly to recreate client intake questionnaire—if she had just ~5 questions to work with...

What... do you feel are your biggest challenges when it comes to getting dressed?

Which... areas of your body do you like to conceal or flaunt?

When... do you feel great about your style and look? What makes you feel great wearing that?

Why... do you shy away from wearing XXX? What could make you feel more comfortable trying those items?

Who... do you want to embody when you get dressed? Who is your style icon?

Polly Goodyear stands infront of an open wardrobe and puts trousers back on a hanger
Polly Goodyear organises a client's closet

Find a bank of styling advice on Polly's Instagram, or learn more about her services on her website.

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