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Morgan Bienvenue on Creating a Style Identity

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NYC-based stylist Morgan Bienvenue explains how to help a client uncover their true sense of style.

Words by 

Megan Hill

Published on 

September 29, 2022

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Morgan Bienvenue is a fashion stylist based in NYC. Her approach to personal styling stems from the desire to help clients find themselves through fashion.

Morgan has worked with iconic brands including Macy’s, Under Armour, and Swarovski.

A friend in me

Outside of a consultation or shopping appointment, Morgan usually communicates with her clients over text. "It’s the most conversational and natural way for them to ask me anything or send me pictures from the fitting room when they’re shopping. I consider it a major compliment when someone is considering buying something and the first person they think to ask is me."

"I never want to discourage that level of closeness because in reality clothing is super personal. Often the things we’ve talked about beforehand involve insecurities or hang-ups so my goal is to function as a best friend that they know will give them honest, but encouraging fashion advice."

Trust your intuition

When first meeting a client, Morgan provides a questionnaire that offers insight into their goals and the lifestyle they lead. However, for the most part, she can sense a client's style identity just from being in the room with them. "I genuinely think that interpreting someone’s style is an intuitive process."

Morgan also uses her client's current closet as a source for clues. "To me, impulse purchases offer great insight into the person you want to become. It is often the fear of change or lack of experience with shapes and proportions that keep you from letting that person out."

If the time is right

"Sometimes you simply can’t convince a client to see what you see. Maybe they aren’t ready to see themselves differently, maybe they just experienced a weight gain/loss and their brain hasn’t caught up to their new body yet, or maybe you just aren’t seeing eye to eye on what style suits them."

Morgan finds these problems arise when a client has put a wall somewhere inside themselves. "Maybe they aren’t quite able to articulate what they envision for themselves, or they don’t fully commit to the process. Either way, when a client tries something on that makes them feel special, it’s apparent. They don’t have to fake it, that feeling just emanates from them. If I can’t get that response from them, I know we might have just met a little too early on in their journey."

Client deep dive

Intuition alone can tell you a lot about your client, but the right questions will help you along the way. We challenged Morgan to unravel the goals of a client who feels disconnected from their true sense of style-if she has just -5 questions to work with.

Who... are your personal style icons?

What... are your goals? What do you want to accomplish that you think updating your personal style will help you achieve?

Where... is your favourite place to travel?

When... was the last time you wore an outfit that made you feel like yourself? What was the situation surrounding that outfit?

Why... have you hired a personal stylist now vs. any other time?

Follow Morgan on Instagram for daily style inspiration, or find out more about her services on her website.

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