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Personal Stylists, Here's What You Can Do When Work Goes Quiet

personal styling

Dont panic! Personal styling work goes quiet for everyone from time to time. Here's how to make the most out of your downtime.

Words by 

Lyden Claire Killip

Published on 

March 9, 2023

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The demand for personal styling services naturally dwindles a few times a year—it's nothing to worry about and no reflection of the quality of your services. That being said, less contact with clients and no styling new appointments in your diary can be pretty anxiety-inducing. Instead of staring into the abyss and finding fault in yourself, convert your downtime into a productive period for your business and your mind.

Use these quieter periods as an opportunity to elevate your skills, expand your network and nurture your passion for the personal styling industry. Time to put on your best outfit and get to work!

Start studying

You thought your school days were over? Think again! Personal styling is a competitive industry—take this lull as a sign it's time to refresh your knowledge. Reputable professionals and schools such as the London College of Style offer an array of online courses to help you develop new skills or refine existing ones. Your existing clients will appreciate your heightened skillset and an extra accreditation next to your name is sure to attract a new clientele.

Remember, studying can be social too! Following fellow styling professionals or trendsetters in the fashion space will keep you up to date with industry news and emerging trends.

Go out and socialise

Repeat after me—networking is key! A quiet work schedule means more time to socialise with fellow industry professionals and potential new clients alike. Don't limit yourself to your existing circle. Be creative in who you reach out to—a local organisation, a brand you have always admired, etc. Think about who your ideal clients are and how you can align yourself with them. Who knows, maybe that next message will lead to an exciting new project!

Nurture your passion

Just like any creatives, personal stylists can suffer from creative burnout. A little break is a good time to re-energise and remember why you fell in love with the personal styling industry in the first place! Flick through your favourite fashion magazines, visit your favourite clothing stores (yes, in person) and read through your glowing client testimonials—remind yourself why you love fashion and why your clients love you!

How about taking some time to explore your other passions too? Pick up a hobby, organise time with your friends or pursue that passion project you've always dreamt of! There is a world away from work and this is the perfect opportunity to explore it.

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