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Shaquanna Chappelle on Elevating Workwear

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Want to help your client elevate their work wardrobe? Personal stylist Shaquanna Chappelle shares the questions you need on your client inta

Words by 

Megan Hill

Published on 

September 14, 2022

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Shaquanna Chappelle is an Atlanta-based image and style expert, working to help women elevate their work wardrobes and achieve their career goals. Shaquanna's style services help her clients to break out of their comfort zone, identify their unique style, and create confident bold looks.

Form a connection

Shaquanna finds Zoom a very useful tool for client communication, not only does it allow her to get real-time visuals of her clients' wardrobes, it also allows her to form a deeper connection with them.

Put yourself in their shoes

Shaquanna explains, "When I truly understand my client's lifestyle, I can make informed decisions about what will make them feel their best."

There are lots of factors to consider when styling a client, their preferred style, body type, etc. but for Shaquanna, the most important factor is their lifestyle. "I like to ask clients about what they do at work, after work, on the weekends, what a typical day looks like for them, what they do with their kids and spouses, if they travel, etc." Listening to her client's answers helps Shaquanna to put herself in her client's shoes and make better selections when shopping and putting together outfits.

Avoid miscommunication

Challenges can arise from the difference in how people define certain styles or aesthetics. To prevent any miscommunication Shaquanna always asks her client to thoroughly explain their interpretation of their desired look. "A client might say they want to look modern, but everyone has their own visual definition of what modern means. I ask thoughtful questions to encourage a deeper explanation, which helps me paint a better picture of their desired outcome in my head."

Plenty of options—Shaquanna and a client look at outfit options.

Clear communication is key when it comes to finding the perfect style, and so is asking the right questions. We challenged Shaquanna to understand the needs of a client who wants to up her game when it comes to dressing for work—if she had just ~5(ish) questions to work with...

Who... do you look to for style inspiration?

What... is your profession?

Where... do you currently shop for your wardrobe?

When... would you like my shopping and styling services to be completed?

Why... is your style a priority for you? Is there something that recently occurred that made you want to step it up?

How... do you want to feel when you show up to your workplace in your elevated style?

The grand reveal—Shaquanna and a client look at the results in a mirror.

Find out more about Shaquanna's services on her website, or find banks of outfit inspiration on her Instagram.

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