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Louise Hall on The Art of The Closet Edit

personal styling

A client deep dive with Louise Hall—personal stylist and colour consultant.

Words by 

Megan Hill

Published on 

August 19, 2022

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Once upon a time, Louise Hall enrolled in a personal colour and style consultation with House of Colour—and it changed her life.

After weaving her new appreciation for colour, shape and style into her own wardrobe, Louise chose to share her knowledge further by setting up her own personal styling and colour consultancy, House of Colour La Jolla.

What's on offer

Face to face, Zoom, emails, or even Instagram DMs—you name it, Louise has used it to connect with her clients. Clients tend to reach out to Louise in the way they find the most convenient—and she's perfectly happy with that.

Louise offers two main consults: Personal Colour Analysis and Personal Style Analysis.

In her colour analysis, Louise searches for her client's most complimentary colour palette, including their “wow” colours. A colour analysis must be done in person and usually takes place in Louise's custom La Jolla studio.

Recipients of Louise's personal style analysis discover how to combine their body architecture with their own personality, to find styles that naturally look good on them, whilst reflecting their authentic selves. In short: they learn how to tell the world who they are.

Louise can conduct a personal style analysis in person or over Zoom—virtually works great too because it enables Louise to see inside a client’s entire closet if needed.

True to you

People can fall victim to liking something just because they believe they should. Because they were told to by a magazine, social media, friends or family.

Louise finds it can be a challenge to identify what is true to the individual, and what is a result of outside influence. When a client suffers from real difficulty in expressing how they feel about clothing items and what they truly like or dislike Louise remains patient and works harder to understand her client's character.

Dressing the whole woman

It’s not just about dressing a body type/shape, it’s about dressing the whole woman.

Louise works hard to understand the intricacies of her client's personalities so that she can effectively dress them from the inside out. "Sometimes we wear items that theoretically should work for our body architecture, but they still don’t feel right." That's because we don’t feel ourselves in them, and that's where Louise can help.

Louise loves receiving feedback from clients such as, “I never realised what a difference texture, pattern, flow etc. could make.” Or, “You’ve given me permission to truly express myself—the outside matches the inside.” But Louise's personal favourite? “You’ve changed my life!”

Client deep dive

We challenged Louise to lay the foundations for a thorough closet edit—if she had just 5 questions to work with.

What... do feel like when you wear this?

When... did you last wear this outside the house?

Why... settle for something that doesn’t make you feel amazing?

Who... are you wearing this for?

Where... do you spend most of your time? (Let’s make sure you have a great closet for that!)

Got a question for Louise? Learn more about her services on her website. Find transformational stories and handy styling tips on her Instagram.

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