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Personal Styling Client Questionnaire: Understanding Character

Megan Hill
Personal Stylist Client Questionnaire: Understanding Character

Personal styling is about more than finding your client clothes with a perfect fit. It is about building your client a wardrobe that accentuates their personality and develops their confidence.

What questions can you ask on your client intake form to help you truly understand the person behind the clothes?

Visualist speaks with five personal stylists to find out what questions make up their initial client questionnaire...

Jiovani Cervantes- the daily planner

What does a typical week in your life look like?

What better way to understand your client's lifestyle than to ask for a full run down? Your client's wardrobe needs to be practical for their day-to-day life, so you need to understand what exactly that entails!

A portrait of Jiovani Cervantes
Jiovani Cervantes—stylist

Jiovani Cervantes is a stylist based in Los Angeles, California. Read our full interview with Jiovani Cervantes here.

Brianna Wise - the socialite

Where do you go for dinner?

This question might seem superficial, but a client's answer speaks volumes about their tastes, personality, and lifestyle. Do they need a wardrobe fit for fine dining, or would they prefer to feel comfortable and casual for a home-cooked meal?

A full body photo of Brianna Wise wearing a white suit
Brianna Wise—personal stylist

Brianna Wise has worked in the styling industry for years and now offers coaching and advice for fellow personal stylists. Read our interview with Brianna here.

Louise Hall - the closet clearer

When did you last wear this outside the house?

This is a good question to assess the current functionality of your client's wardrobe, but their answer is also a great indicator of how willing they are to let things go.

This question serves as a good starting point for a conversation about having to be ready to let go of the old to make room for the exciting new.

A picture of Louise Hall smiling in a green dress
Louise Hall—personal stylist

Louise Hall is a personal stylist and colour consultant. Read our full interview with Louise here.

Catherine Robertson - the inspo collector

Who do you follow on Instagram and love?

An Instagram feed says 1000 words. You're not trying to copy their style icon, but rather use them as a springboard for getting to know your client's preferences and what they may be open to trying.

A b&w portrait of Catherine Robertson
Catherine Robertson—personal stylist

Catherine Robertson is a personal stylist and founder of CR styling. Read our full interview with Catherine here.

Lisa Wisdom - the smart shopper

Where do you currently shop the most?

Is your client a shopaholic or do they avoid the shops entirely? You'll soon find out!

Figuring out your client's go-to brands gives you a good sense of their budget and aesthetic. It may also help you to understand where their current wardrobe might be lacking.

A picture of Lisa Wisdom in a red blazer
Lisa Wisdom—personal stylist

Lisa Wisdom is a personal stylist and founder of Style With Wisdom. Read our full interview with Lisa here.

Personal stylists, looking for an interactive way to do your client deep dives? Stay tuned for docs in Visualist. Follow us on Instagram for updates.