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Emunah Winer's Design Toolkit

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Take a peak inside the design toolkit of Emunah Winer—designer and creative director.

Words by 

Megan Hill

Published on 

September 1, 2022

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Name: Emunah Winer

Profession: Designer and creative director

Location: Israel

Instagram: @emunahwiner

Emunah Winer is the co-founder of Nihilo, a branding agency helping founder-led companies to reach the top of their fields through an artful blend of visual and verbal design. Industry specialisations include spirits, outdoor, biotechnology, and female innovation.


Blank. Lines get in the way. I don’t sketch but I do take lots of notes.


A 2 square colour palette showing a light beige paired with a primary blue
Muted tones mixed with primary colours.

Era of inspiration

Unknown. The era I research and reference is directly related to whatever specific project I’m working on—I let that lead me.

Designer on speed dial

Brian Collins.


  • Firm favourite: Inter. Free, clean, uncomplicated. I use it for all agency collateral.
  • A distant love: Any reverse italics. GT Planar in particular.
  • Never again: Montserrat.

Organisational method

I use a combination of pen-on-paper and digital tools to keep on top of projects. However, sometimes I just let myself go with the flow.

Trusted advisor

I always like to ask my husband because he knows absolutely nothing about design! Sometimes we get stuck in our own design heads and having a “regular” point of view really helps.

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