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Tim Preut's Design Toolkit

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A chat with Tim Preut to find out what he keeps in his daily design toolkit.

Words by 

Megan Hill

Published on 

September 6, 2022

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Name: Tim Preut

Profession: Owner and designer

Location: Martinez, CA, USA

Instagram: @tickyboomdesign

LinkedIn: Tim Preut

Tim Preut is a designer, and co-creator of Tickyboom Design—the home of "hella bomb brand identity and web design."

Tim strives to use his skills to spark growth in purpose-driven businesses.


I use square gridline paper. Always.

I love how the squares act as both a constrictions and a guide—encouraging you to follow the rules, and them break them.


A 2 square colour palette of pinky-red and a deep indigo
Tim Preut's current favourite colour palette.

Era of inspiration

The '50s-70s.

Designer on speed dial

Milton Glaser


  • Firm favourite: Helvetica Now
  • A distant love: Whyte by Dinamo
  • Never again: Any "dyslexia-specific" fonts. They are worthless. Use a solid typeface that is easy to read, pare down your content, and make things easy to digest.

Organisational method

Digital tools. Trello, Todoist, and Craft.

Trusted advisor

Someone who is open-minded, but also clearly articulates what they want. Also, someone who has a strategy in mind and identifies whether my design is accomplishing those goals or not.

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