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Alicia Stenger's Design Toolkit

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Alicia Stenger shares the essential fonts, colours, and tools inside her design toolkit.

Words by 

Megan Hill

Published on 

September 6, 2022

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Name: Alicia Stenger

Profession: Designer, artist and educator

Instagram: @a.hl.stenger

Alicia Stenger taught art and design to young people for 7 years before returning to the pursuit of her own art. Her work plays with light, projections, sound, video, and print mediums to connect with her interest in human emotions.

Inside the toolkit


I like a notebook with blank pages.


Alicia Stenger's current favourite colour palette.

Era of inspiration

Late Modern and Swiss design are two favourites of mine.

Designer on speed dial

While designers are wonderful, I find a lot of inspiration from artists. So I’m going to say, Henri Matisse.


  • Firm favourite: Futura.
  • A distant love: Bodoni.
  • Never again: Yikes, I have never used a font I’ve become allergic to!

Organisational method

I use a combination of physical post-it notes and digital tools—Notion for personal use, Asana at my 9-5. But I also often find myself just flowing with what feels natural on the day.

Trusted advisor

My creative friends!

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