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Personal Stylists, Say Hello to Your New Instagram Business Coach

Lyden Claire Killip
Personal Stylists, Say Hello to Your New Instagram Business Coach

As a personal stylist, you know that Instagram is a phenomenal platform to reach your audience and market your brand. However, have you explored Instagram's capability as an educational tool too?

Whilst you scroll, find advice on connecting with your personal styling clients, creating social media content and managing your personal finances from experts in the industry who have been there, and done that!

There are countless coaches on Instagram that share advice on how to grow your personal styling business, all you have to do is give them a follow!

Sarah Cohen - personal styling business coach

Username: @thestylingadvisory

Sarah Cohen of The Style Advisory
Follow @thestylingadvisory on Instagram.

Sarah Cohen is the founder of The Style Advisory, a full-service business coaching platform for personal stylists.

Sarah hosts a podcast where she invites successful stylists to share their business marketing tactics for building a thriving personal styling consultancy.

That same advice is then relayed on The Styling Advisory Instagram page. Each post focuses on a specific topic, from building a social media presence and using online marketing strategies to engaging with clients.

Read more exclusive personal styling business tips from Sarah Cohen here.

Nikki Venus - business coach for personal stylists + style coaches

Username: @iamnikkivenus

Nikki Venus Instagram
Follow @iamnikkivenus on Instagram

Relatable and professional—Nikki Venus is a leading business coach for personal stylists.

Nikki's Instagram is a digital resource library for style coaches complete with business advice, motivational quotes, and relatable reels and her detailed captions walk personal stylists step-by-step through game-changing business strategies.

Nikki's page is a treasure trove for upcoming personal stylists who need actionable advice on building the foundations of their style consultancy.

Lauren Messiah - Style Boss Academy

Username: @laurenmessiah

Lauren Messiah of Style Boss Academy
Follow @laurenmessiah on Instagram.

The Style Boss Academy is an online business school for personal stylists and Lauren Messiah is its principal!

Lauren's bubbly personality and energetic persona are accompanied by solid experience and genuinely great advice—making her page the perfect destination to learn all things personal styling business!

Be sure to catch Lauren's live interviews with professional stylists to provide invaluable insight into the profession and the industry—but don't worry, they're always saved to her highlights too!

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