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Recommended Listening for Wedding Industry Professionals

Megan Hill
The 5 Best Podcasts for Wedding Industry Professionals

Podcasts are a great way to find advice straight from the mouths of industry professionals, who better to offer wisdom than those who have been there, done that?

Whether you're looking for social media makeover advice or the perfect response to a pesky client, these podcasts have it covered. And the best part? They're accessible all the time, from everywhere—to suit even the busiest of lifestyles!

Here's our pick of the best wedding industry podcasts on the market, sure to elicit a knowing nod, a few giggles and, most importantly, buckets of motivation to grow and improve your professional wedding business.

Weddings For Real

Best for: covering all bases

Host: Megan Gillkin, The Planners Vault

With a bank of episodes spanning 4 years, there's very little Megan Gillkin hasn't covered!

Megan hosts interviews with leading industry professionals on topics spanning branding, common pitfalls, client experience, hiring and SEO—a treasure trove of tried and tested strategies to supercharge your wedding business.

Host's recommendation: 11 years of business advice in less than 20 minutes—acquire over a decade's worth of wisdom in less time than your daily commute. Then, if you're hungry for more, browse Megan Gillkin's recommended further listening.

Book More Brides

Best for: boosting bookings (and profits!)

Host: Kate Storey, Book More Brides

Book More Brides is a training platform for wedding professionals established by Kate and Nick Storey. By blending Kate's speciality in marketing with Nick's background in sales and business strategy, the Book More Brides podcast is a one-stop-shop to help wedding professionals secure leads, close deals and boost profits.

Visualist recommends: Great at what you do, but not booking enough weddings? You know you're great, Kate Storey shows you how to make potential clients believe it too.

Evolve Your Wedding Business

Best for: shaking up your process

Host: Heidi Thompson, Evolve

Heidi Thompson's podcast will expose you to an array of different perspectives, sure to open your eyes to new approaches and invigorate your creativity. All the tips, tricks, and secrets you've been looking for packaged in a playful, enjoyable manner.

Host's recommendation: How To Have A Successful Wedding Business In A Saturated Market—Heidi addresses an all too relatable problem for wedding industry professionals with humour and most importantly, actionable strategies.

Talk with Renee Dalo

Best for: lessons in entrepreneurship

Host: Renee Dalo

Wedding planning is about creativity, empathy, and organisation—but it is also about business! Marketed as "Biz Chat for Wedding Pros and Creative Business Owners", Renee Dalo guides her listeners through the pits and peaks of entrepreneurship.

Visualist's recommendation: Creative CEO-ship and Pricing for Your Creative Process—creativity comes naturally to wedding professionals, Renee explains how to combine that innate skill with a CEO mindset to become unstoppable!

Refine for Wedding Planners

Best for: handling client relationships

Host: Amber Anderson, Refine

The Refine for Wedding Planners podcast is a serving of radical honesty, thoughtful insights and lived experiences. Amber Anderson creates a space for wedding pros to be both encouraged and challenged.

Many episodes focus on managing common client scenarios, improving communication and setting boundaries—an aspect of wedding planning not spoken about enough.

Visualist's recommendation: Handling naughty clients—we've all had them, some might even be springing to mind right now! Amber addresses this frustrating topic with a lighthearted and rational approach.

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