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Podcast Playlist for Female Entrepreneurs

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Looking for inspiration and knowledge to grow your business?

Words by 

Lyden Claire Killip

Published on 

April 14, 2023

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We get it! As a creative entrepreneur you're always on the go, and yet you are always looking for opportunities grow your business. Which is why business podcasts are your new best friend. You can listen to podcasts on your daily commute, on the treadmill or whilst waiting in line at the shops, making it easy to fit learning and inspiration into your busy schedule.

Entrepreneurship can be a challenging and isolating journey (lets be real, especially as a woman) but podcasts can provide the companionship and motivation you need to help you reach your goals. Sometimes all we need is to listen to the wise words of a fellow female creative to reinvigorate our creative spirit.

That's why we've put together a list of the top podcasts for creative female entrepreneurs. From expert insights on business strategy and marketing to inspiring stories of successful female founders, these podcasts offer valuable resources for personal and professional growth. Plug in your headphones and go reach those goals girl!

Go-to Gal

Host: Jaclyn Mellone

Okay, girls! Tune in and have a giggle with Jaclyn Mellone, host of the Go-to Gal podcast. (formerly All Up In Your Lady Business). Go-To Gal is a marketing podcast designed to help creative entrepreneurs become sought-after experts in their respective creative fields by talking "mindset, strategy, and tactics." Oh! And Go-to Gal got featured as one of Forbes' top 21 podcasts of 2021, so you know you're in for the best of the best! What are you waiting for? As Jocelyn says, "Stop waiting for momentum, start creating it!"

Being Boss

Host: Emily Thompson

Every day as the boss of a creative business is an adventure, whether you're an entrepreneur, freelancer or side hustler. And if we're honest, sometimes it is a struggle. Emily Thompson, host of Being Boss, can relate and she shares her honest experiences in every episode.

Join Emily for an exploration of the mindsets, habits, and tactics of "harnessing your creative ambitions and embracing the adventure of starting and growing your own business so that you can make money doing work you love."

The Marie Forleo Podcast

Host: Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo is one of the most inspiring female creative entrepreneurs you'll ever meet. Creative? Check. Writer? Check. Philanthropist? Check. Entrepreneur? Double check. It's no surprise Oprah regarded her as a thought leader, and her business is one of Inc.'s 500 fastest-growing companies.

With all that in mind, you'll want to listen to every ounce of advice she and her guests share on her podcast! But Marie doesn't sugarcoat the hardships of being a woman in business—the fear of failure, disappointing yourself, and the struggle to understand what works for you and your business.

She Means Business

Hosted by: Carrie Green

Are you ready to turn your ideas into reality and build a wildly successful business? Every Tuesday, Carrie Green will be there to motivate you in your journey and guide you on the path to success with your creative business. Carrie is no stranger to both the challenges and the rewards of being a creative female entrepreneur, having built not one but two successful businesses herself!

As well as drawing on her own experience, Carrie draws upon "incredible stories of female entrepreneurs from around the world who are following their hearts, building the business of their dreams and creating the success and abundance they desire."

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