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Must-Listen Marketing Podcasts for Interior Designers

Sophia Angel Lou Quiachon
Must-Listen Marketing Podcasts for Interior Designers

Don't blow your marketing budget in exchange for just views and likes, instead learn how to build a marketing strategy that attracts paying clients.

How? By listening to interior design podcasts with a focus on how to market yourself as an interior designer. Hosted by interior industry experts, these podcasts analyse key marketing trends, guide you through social media strategies and give you the insider scoop on PR.

It takes years to master marketing, but learning from interior marketing experts is a great place to start. Time to hit play on a new marketing strategy for your business!

The Kate Show

Hosted by: Kate the Socialite

Recommended for: newbie designers

The Kate Show podcast
Learn marketing do's and don'ts for interior designers from one of Apple's Top 200 Podcasts, The Kate Show.

The Kate Show is a treasure trove for new interior designers or those who have recently set up their own interior design business. Together, Kate and a stellar lineup of handpicked guests guide listeners through foolproof marketing strategies. Debunk marketing myths, learn from the real-life experience of industry experts and explore innovative SEO and business tools all in one place!

Scroll down and you'll find a detailed write-up of the content covered in each episode so you can consolidate your knowledge and implement every tip into your interior design business marketing strategy.

Standout Episode: Episode 103 | How to Get Clients as a New Business. Securing your first clients is the hardest step, it is only up from there!

Designer Discussions

Hosted by: Mirjam Lippuner, Jason Lockhart, and Maria Martin

Recommended for: strategic designers

Designer Discussions podcast
Learn all things marketing, PR, and branding with Designer Discussions.

Entertaining and educational, listening to Designer Discussions hardly feels like work at all!

The Designer Discussion Podcast is a weekly talk covering all things business for interior designers. It's hosted by not one but three industry experts, all of whom share valuable information and resources for marketing, branding, PR, and more.

With a mix of interviews, co-hostings and solo shows—Designer Discussions is sure to keep you entertained and informed.

Standout Episode: Episode 24 | Developing a Winning Marketing & PR Strategy. Make this year your busiest yet by following a step-by-step guide to creating a flawless marketing and PR plan.

Marketing by Design

Hosted by: Pamela Durkin

Recommended for: no-fuss designers

Marketing by Design by Pamela Durkin
Bring greater projects your way with Marketing by Design, hosted by Pamela Durkin.

Attention interior designers, a new marketing podcast just dropped!

Marketing by Design podcast piloted its first episode in just January 2023 but it has already made a huge impact in the interior design world. Pamela Durkin's simple yet enticing delivery makes her 40-minute talks fly by like coffee with a friend, yet you're always left equipped with new marketing knowledge!

Pamela understands that interior designers don't want to become "professional marketers", they just want "easy, effective marketing techniques that bring great projects their way"—and that is exactly what she provides.

Standout Episode: Episode 5 | Sho' Me The Mon-ay! with Libby Langdon. At the end of the day, we all want one thing—more money! Listen to this episode to learn how to get it.

The Chairish Podcast

Hosted by: Michael Boodro

Standout Episode: experienced designers

The Chairish Podcast
Marketing is about great communication, learn how to connect with your client's thanks to  The Chairish Podcast.

Scale your business to even greater heights with smart marketing strategies provided by The Chairish Podcast. There is no better knowledge resource than those who have embodied experience themselves, which is why interior industry insider Michael Boodro makes the perfect host.

Boodro assists in making the best decisions for your business, covering topics from hiring art advisors, running a storefront, and the collaboration between architect and designer.

Standout Episode: Episode 39 | Is Social Media Your Most Important Business Tool? Just because something has worked before, doesn't mean we can't do better—The Chairish podcast will always bring you a critical analysis of the marketing world as an interior designer.

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