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A Guide to Podcast Marketing for Wedding Planners

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Ready to explore how podcasts could benefit your wedding business?

Words by 

Lyden Claire Killip

Published on 

March 23, 2023

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In the bustling world of wedding planning, standing out from the crowd is a must. One innovative way to market yourself as a wedding planner and build a reputation for your brand is by starting your very own wedding industry podcast. Podcasts are a popular medium for newly engaged couples to find all the answers to their queries ahead of the big day. Or in other words: a perfect way to advertise your services to a captive market.

The best part? Starting a podcast is relatively low-cost and accessible to all. So, whether you're a seasoned wedding planner looking to expand your business or a passionate newcomer eager to carve your niche in the market, podcasting could be the solution for you.

This article will explain:

  1. The benefits of starting a podcast as a wedding planner
  2. How to start a wedding podcast
  3. How to land a feature on a wedding podcast

Benefits of starting a podcast as a wedding planner

Podcasts are a great marketing strategy for wedding planners. Check out the top three reasons to start a wedding podcast...

Position yourself as a thought leader

You host a podcast to sell your services, your brand and ultimately, yourself. In order to trust you, clients need to know that you are knowledgeable, experienced and well-respected within your industry—and a podcast is a great way to hit that trifecta! Now is not the time to be humble. Use your podcast to advertise yourself and your brand, make your USP clear and clearly demonstrate your skillset. But do so in a way that is authentic to you, people respect truth the most!  Podcasts are the perfect platform to demonstrate that you have the whole package—the knowledge and the personality.

Build industry connections

Inviting fellow professionals in the wedding industry onto your podcast as guest speakers is a great way to build your network. Featured guests will likely be flattered by the offer, setting your relationship off on the right foot! Throughout the interview you have a chance to learn from your guests' experience and expertise, your shared audiences will ensure a bigger reach on your content (and new followers for you both) and their fresh perspectives will ensure your podcast content stays fresh and engaging. Remember, you should only feature wedding professionals who you feel align with your brand ethos.

Increase brand loyalty

On Instagram, you should provide inspiration. On TikTok, you want to be relatable. As a podcast host, you need to add value. Your podcast is an opportunity to share valuable content with your audience. Your audience should come away from each episode feeling enlightened and equipped. But the relationship is mutually beneficial. The best way to build brand loyalty is to offer your audience something in return—exactly like you do on your podcast. By offering high-quality insights on your podcast, you build a loyal audience and establish yourself as a trusted source of industry knowledge.

How to start a podcast as a wedding planner

Starting a podcast is easier than it looks. Follow this simple guide to start your own wedding industry podcast and share your knowledge with the wider wedding community.

1. Formulate your podcast idea

Define your niche

Define your podcast's focus within the wedding industry. Consider what you want your brand to be known for and your personal expertise. This could range from destination weddings and bridal fashion trends to vendor collaborations and behind-the-scenes insights.

Identify your audience

Who do you want to listen to your podcast? Are you targeting engaged couples seeking planning tips, fellow wedding vendors looking for collaboration ideas, or both? Tailoring your content to your audience's needs will make your podcast more engaging and relevant.

Plan your content

Outline potential episode topics, guest interviews, and episode formats. Your content should offer value, entertain, and educate your listeners about wedding planning, trends, and business insights. A mix of solo episodes and interviews with industry experts can keep your content diverse.

2. Produce your podcast

Invest in your equipment

Invest in decent podcasting equipment, including a good-quality microphone, headphones, and a pop filter. You should also choose user-friendly recording software such as Audacity or Adobe Audition. Clear audio is essential for retaining listeners.

Master your delivery

It's not just what you say, it's how you say it. Maintain an engaging tone and pace throughout the recording and keep episodes concise and well-structured. Edit out any background noises or long pauses to ensure a polished finished product.

Craft engaging titles

Write attention-grabbing episode titles and concise descriptions that highlight the value your content offers. Use relevant keywords to make your podcast easily discoverable.

Design your cover

Create eye-catching podcast cover art that represents your USP as a wedding planner. Tip: This should be aligned with the branding of your wedding planning business.

3. Launch and promote your wedding business podcast

Choose a hosting platform

Select a podcast hosting platform. We recommend:

  • Libsyn
  • Podbean
  • Anchor

These platforms distribute your episodes to various podcast directories like Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Leverage social media

Utilise your existing presence on social media to announce your podcast launch. Share teasers, behind-the-scenes insights, and promotional graphics to generate buzz. You could also partner with other wedding industry professionals for collaborations and promotions to expand your reach within the wedding community.

Consistency is key

Stick to a consistent podcasting schedule, whether it's weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Regular episodes keep your audience engaged and coming back for more.

Launching a wedding industry podcast can be an exciting way to showcase your expertise, connect with your target audience, and elevate your wedding planning business's visibility. Happy podcasting!

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How to feature on a podcast as a wedding planner

If you're looking for all the perks of a podcast but none of the commitment to hosting your own show, featuring as a guest on wedding podcasts is the right move for you. Follow these steps to land an appearance on your favourite wedding industry podcast...

1. Do your research

Sending a DM or an email with your pitch to the podcast hosts. Before making your first move, it is important to get familiar with the podcast and the hosts themselves. Understand that these podcasts maintain their reputation and bond with their audience by providing valuable content. Thorough research will help you craft a pitch that proves you contribute to that value and gives you a better shot at landing that spot as a guest. You can flex your achievements all you want, but your ability to align, add value and connect is more important.

2. Tell your story

Podcast hosts love to share stories, so give them one. Your story is for you to tell—in your pitch, get a little personal and share something distinct about you, your profession, and your brand. You can also use your social media accounts as your voice. And be brave—tag hosts in your posts and stories, comment on their posts and react to their stories.

3. Share your expertise

Be your own cheerleader! Highlight your expertise as a wedding planner to capture the podcast host's attention. No need to brag, but be confident in your abilities and display them by sharing tips and tricks about wedding planning and organisation on your website, social media accounts, or at events. You could even take on a coaching or teaching role for fellow wedding pros—eventually, your wisdom and experiences will reach the podcasting network too!

4. Update your socials

Are your socials active and up to date? Or do they resemble an ancient history book? You want a wedding podcast host to see your recent experiences and commitments. A profile with an inactive feed and no up-to-date information can be misleading and offputting. Give your social media sites a spruce. We're talking Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok—the works!

5. Prepare your portfolio

An incredible portfolio creates a great first impression. Share your work far and wide and be sure to let podcast hosts know in your pitch if you've landed a feature in a trade publication before. The icing on the cake is a bank of client testimonials scattered across your website and socials. Nothing beats good, detailed feedback from actual clients you worked with, having their perspective really boosts your credibility.

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