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I'm a Wedding Planner, Should I Invest in Instagram Ads?

Sophia Angel Lou Quiachon
I'm a Wedding Planner, Should I Invest in Instagram Ads?

Every day, newly engaged couples flock to Instagram to gather inspiration and advice for planning their big day. As a wedding planner, you're likely hoping they find you!

To stand out as a wedding planner on Instagram you'll need a strong social media marketing strategy, a stunning portfolio, a consistent posting schedule and buckets of personality—oh, and you may also want to consider paid advertisement.

Paying for advertisements doesn't guarantee new clients, but it does guarantee impressions—in order for clients to fall in love with your services at first sight, they're first going to need to see you!

That being said, ads are another expense for your wedding business—might you be better off reserving resources to focus on organic impressions instead?

Advertising on Instagram as a wedding professional has its benefits and drawbacks, which you'll need to thoroughly weigh up to decide what is right for your wedding business. Thankfully, we've made it a little easier for you...

Is it worth investing in Instagram ads as a wedding planner? Let's find out!

Pros of Instagram ads

A targeted approach

Over 60% of Instagram users are aged 18 to 34—the demographic with the most wedding bells ringing! So when posting on Instagram, you already have a high chance of being seen by your target market but Instagram ads take that viewer compatibility to a new level.

Identify your target audience's gender, age group, location and interests and your ads will show up users that match these specifics. All the marketing in the world won't make a difference if you're talking to the wrong audience, Instagram ads ensure your efforts are being heard by the right people—say hello to higher client conversion rates.

Space to showcase your work

Adverts on Instagram can be collages, carousels, reels or stories—so you can pick the format that best showcases your work, or try a variety and see what sticks!

Experiment with different imagery, copy and formats to see what yields you the highest conversion rate. And be bold! This is your opportunity to showcase your skills and your portfolio.

Suitable for all budgets

When it comes to Instagram ads, you set the price. Pay as little or as much as you like and see results accordingly—although a little investment still goes a long way!

Explore different ad campaigns until you find the one with the highest return on investment and stick with it—and if things don't go your way, feel secure in the fact you can stop a campaign (and payment) at any time.

Cons of Instagram ads

A saturated market

Yes, your ads will be targeted to the right clients... but so will all the wedding planners' ads!

Instagram is home to hundreds and thousands of wedding planners globally your target demographic will be receiving hundreds of ads just like yours a day. Of course, you won't be competing with all of them, but you need to really think about what can make your ad special before launching it or else it'll get lost in the noise!

Ads are not a one-time job

Running the same promotion over long periods will lead to a significant cut in engagements, and ultimately conversions.

Ads need consistent monitoring to see what is and isn't working and you need to adapt your content accordingly—this is not a "one and done" job, ads require a long-term commitment to get the best results.

So, are Instagram ads the right marketing strategy for your wedding business? At Visualist, we're advocates for trying out lots of different strategies and techniques, so long as you are informed and on-the-ball. Best of luck!

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