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Attention Wedding And Event Stylists: Here's How to Find Your Next PR Opportunity

Lyden Claire Killip
Attention Wedding And Event Stylists: Here's How to Find Your Next PR Opportunity

Wedding and Event Styling is a competitive creative industry—in order to stand out, you need to build a strong brand and, crucially, get in front of your target market.

One of the best methods of reaching your ideal client? PR—and lots of it!

Getting publicity (without hiring a publicist) can be difficult if you do not know where to look, especially for upcoming wedding and event stylists. But it is entirely possible to land fantastic PR opportunities from trusted and reliable sources, whether you're just starting out or you're an established name in the world of wedding and event planning.

So, can wedding and event stylists find PR opportunities? To make your search easier, we've rounded up all the sites you should have on your radar to land your next publicity opportunity—get searching!


Haro's landing page. Visit Haro's website.

HARO, short for Help a Reporter Out, is a platform where journalists and creative professionals can directly connect.

The best part? HARO is a go-to source for journalists from on-trend and reputable outlets, such as Refinery29 and Mashable—both of which produce great content covering the Wedding and Events industry.

Tip: make your pitch irresistible by thoroughly reading briefs and complying with journalists' requests to a T.

Selling point: source requests sent directly to your inbox

Switch on your email alerts for a 3 x daily dose of PR requests specifically picked out for you. Check your inbox promptly throughout the day and always be sure to send your pitch within the deadline.

Twitter - #Journorequest

PR opportunities on Twitter. Sign up to Twitter.

Getting the attention of a reputable journalist can be challenging, especially for newcomers. Fortunately, Twitter facilitates lots of interactions between creatives and journalists.

Search the hashtags #journorequest to find PR opportunities. Go a step further and use hashtags connected to your industry too, such as #wedding, #weddingstylist, and #weddingplanner, to filter the right requests for you. As soon as you click enter, voilà! Recent tweets from journalists will appear, looking to connect with wedding and event professionals just like you!

Got a story to tell? Take matters into your own hands and pitch your story followed by the hashtag to let journalists find you.

Selling point: accessible to anyone

All it takes is a Twitter account! Just sign-up on Twitter, and you can access thousands of #journorequests—from the smallest PR opportunity to a surprise call from one of the bigwigs.


A wedding inspo page on Instagram. Sign up to Instagram.

Instagram is another example of how you can use social media to source PR opportunities. Odds are, you're already using Instagram to grow your online presence—so this is a great chance to multitask!

Follow journalists and publications that you aspire to work with to be notified of their opportunities. Alternatively, you can tag accounts in your content for a chance to be reposted to their page—@wedphotoinspiration and  @inspiredbythis are great places to start.

Selling point: authentic connections

Your Instagram is a ready-made portfolio to showcase yourself and your brand to journalists. Instagram facilitates organic interaction with tags, comments and DMs—don't hesitate to reach out!


Qwoted's landing page. Visit Qwoted's website.

Qwoted is cleverly capitalising on advanced tech and AI to revolutionise the traditional media market. They're specifically committed to connecting smaller brands with a variety of media outlets, making it the perfect place to start if you're a wedding professional new to the PR game.

Selling points: filtered for legitimacy

Qwoted ensures that you only receive requests from reputable channels, such as Forbes and HuffPost. Even better, a journalist's publication is always shown on their profile so you know exactly what you're applying to before you send your pitch.

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