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Why Every Wedding Planner Needs a Wedding Business Coach

Sophia Angel Lou Quiachon
Why Every Wedding Planner Needs a Wedding Business Coach

Struggling with starting or growing your wedding planning business? Here's how a wedding business coach can help!

You've tried it all! Exhibitioning at wedding trade shows, reaching out to fellow wedding professionals and doubling down on your social media efforts but you're not picking up your dream clients, and the truth is—you're burnt out! This is where a wedding business coach comes into play.

Wedding industry mentors have a broader field of vision—they know why your wedding business is stagnant and how to relaunch it. They'll help you unpack what your business lacks, build a business strategy to get it back on track and help you rediscover your passion for wedding planning.

If you're determined to succeed in the wedding planning industry, then here are 3 reasons why you should say yes to a wedding business coach!

Build a robust business strategy

As a wedding planner, you are first and foremost a creative. Now, as an entrepreneur too, there is a lot to learn about the world of business.

With the help of a wedding business coach, you will learn how to cover all the operational gaps, meet legal considerations, hire the best people, and make the most out of your resources and profit. No more investing in complex software that's not compatible with your business!

You can opt for 1-on-1 sessions for dedicated business coaching, or group sessions to connect with other professionals in the industry—networking is the key to a successful business.

Take control of your time

Wedding & event planning is a fulfilling yet demanding career. Your schedule is jam-packed and weekends don't feel like it at all!

Instead of drowning in social media marketing, replying to emails, and meeting new clients all at once, a business coach teaches you how to manage all your responsibilities.

Organisation is a wedding business coach's middle name. Working with a coach will help you to identify your top priorities and organise your tasks accordingly, schedule your workload in a manageable way, and guide you to finding a healthy work-life balance.

Business coaches can also give you access to templates and resources that help to automate the mundane parts of your job, like client invoicing, staffing formulas, and more!

Resources for wedding planners
Resources for wedding planners provided by wedding planning business coach Candice Coppola.

In short, it's time to reclaim your time and go back to dedicating your energy to the creative side of your work!

Know your worth

Here's the thing, the more you underprice your services, the more you undervalue yourself—something a lot of potential clients run away from.

A wedding business coach helps you to debunk your self-imposed limits. Starting with combatting any questionably low rates just to meet a target number of clients and saying "no" to big opportunities because of perceived skill gaps. Wedding business coaches will guide you through pricing your services and securing clients—say hello to fuller books and bigger profits!

Money aside, a mentor also makes sure you know your self-worth—that you appreciate yourself and the work you're putting in.

A wedding business coach can help you to develop accountability and a success mindset. They provide valuable advice on setting healthy boundaries and keeping your cool in certain situations. This way, you won't get exploited or demotivated in times of struggle.

In other words, working with a wedding business coach is like having a good friend always looking out for you!

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