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Finding Your Wedding Niche With Zayna Ben

wedding planning

Zayna Ben recounts how she developed her unique style.

Words by 

Megan Hill

Published on 

November 16, 2022

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Zayna Ben is the founder, creator, lead stylist and soul of ZAZ Events. Zayna brings her clients' dream day to life with eclectic boho-inspired decor. Her unique style which draws on festival themes, whimsical vibes, and colourful designs.

Zayna reflects on her unique approach to wedding design, the power of colour, and her own journey into the industry with the help of an old wedding day tradition: something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue...

Something old

After 15 years working in the corporate world, I knew I needed more and so I chose to follow my dream of creating magical weddings. I have always loved and been fascinated by the wedding and events industry. After organising and designing the celebrations of friends and family for many years, I knew I wanted to make it my career. After believing in myself and taking the leap, I trained at The Wedding Academy before starting my own company, ZAZ Events. It was the best decision I ever made, I knew this was where I was meant to be!

With my multicultural background and endless creativity, I knew my style and imagination would be something I could connect with my couples over. I have always been drawn to boho and whimsical aesthetics and how they create such a warm and beautiful atmosphere. For me, it has always been about the design, bespoke elements, and venue transformation for my couples.

Understanding and connecting with my couples to create a wedding beyond their wildest dreams is such a special feeling—I can't describe it. I am honoured every time a couple puts their trust in my skills and chooses to work with me. All of the late nights are worth it when I see how happy my couples are on their big day!

Something new

All I need to know is...

1. Where is your venue?

2. What atmosphere do you want to create?

3. What colours, aesthetics and styles do you gravitate towards?

When I first meet with my couple, I need to understand a few key details in order to design a wedding that truly reflects them and their personalities. From chatting about what home decor they like, to the style of clothes they wear to the wedding dress the bride has chosen. All these elements create a picture of the aesthetic and vision the couple wants to create.

Creating the right atmosphere is all about making the couple and their guests feel welcome, happy and excited about the wedding.

Understanding the flow of the wedding day is essential so that I can design spaces to complement certain elements of their day. We might want to use some areas of the venue for relaxation, meaning they need a calm ambience, whilst other spaces need fun and energy to get your guests talking or dancing.

Something borrowed

When I carved out my personal niche in wedding design, I wanted to incorporate my heritage and multicultural background—the addition of Moroccan influences or chic french colours to my designs makes them so unique and authentic. I get inspired by every trip I take whether it is to the Medina in Morocco, my family home in Normandy, or my recent trip to New York where I used to live.

The colours, textures, fabrics and patterns that inspire me from these places create a magical vibe and transport my couple and their guests to somewhere new and exotic. My mission is to create a space so beautiful and unique that my couple is intrigued by every small detail and just wants to soak up the atmosphere.

I really enjoy working with multicultural and interfaith couples, as there are so many traditional and cultural elements we can include in their wedding decor so that they are connected to their heritage and family. Celebrating your background, your relationship, your family, your nationality and everything that makes a couple special and unique is such a special thing to be part of.

Something blue

When choosing a colour palette, it is important to first consider what mood and vibe you want on your wedding day because colours have the power to evoke feelings and create an atmosphere. Do you want to create a mood that is romantic, calm, and relaxed or do you want colourful, fun and joyful?

Knowing the details, sizes and colours of the couple's chosen venue will help when choosing a colour palette that compliments the space.

My recent couple, Roisin & Ollie, had a clear vision of a colourful, exotic and fun wedding. They didn't want to stick to traditional colours and that is right up my street! I love it when a couple wants to be bold and unique and choose colours that represent them. When designing Roisin & Ollie's wedding, we thought about their favourite colours, what shades they like to wear, and even what colours were already at their venue. We decided on energetic, bright and bold colours: raspberry pink, vibrant emerald green, and bright marigold orange with hints of light pink.

If choosing a colour palette seems daunting, you aren't alone—with so many colours to choose from it can seem overwhelming. I always suggest thinking of an environment that makes you feel like your best self. Is it outside in the garden surrounded by dainty flowers and feeling free-spirited? A chic and modern hotel with a calm atmosphere? Or maybe a colourful and patterned cafe with lots of music is your happy place? Try bringing elements of this space into your wedding design, and I promise you'll be full of ideas from there!

Find ZAZ Events on Instagram or find out more about Zayna's services on her website.

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