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Wedding Favours With Megan Tinio

Megan Hill
Wedding ceremony design by Megan Trinio, Magical Moments by Megan
Megan Tinio smiles whilst arranging pink and white flowers in a metallic vase
Megan Tinio—founder of Magical Moments by Megan

Megan Tinio is the founder of Magical Moments by Megan, a wedding and events planning company based in Southern California. Megan creates magical memories for her clients to be treasured for years to come.

Megan reflects on her journey into the industry, her approach to design, and the secret to a magical moment with the help of an old wedding day tradition: something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue...

Something old

Finding your calling

My company was inspired by my paternal grandmother. She was always the person inviting people to her home and bringing people together. When she passed, I took charge of planning her celebration of life. Even though it was a sad and painful time, it was exciting to plan a gathering in celebration of her—knowing that it would be filled with love, laughter, and joy, just like her home. That experience sparked something within me.

Ultimately, I feel that my gift is bringing people together to create memories. Memories are the only things we can keep with us throughout life, especially when loved ones leave us. These are life's “magical moments” and I use my skills of communication, organisation, and planning to put together these occasions for people to celebrate and create memories that they get to keep forever!

A groom kisses a bride on the head. Bride wears long lacey dress with puff sleeves and groom wears white tuxedo. They are outside in a botanical garden
Styled shoot co-ordinated by Megan Tinio.

Something new

Quality > quantity

There are so many wedding trends that come and go, which are of course influenced by social media.

In general, I think couples are leaning toward smaller, more intimate celebrations. The pandemic made everyone realise who and what is really important to them so I find that couples want to spend their money more intentionally—they are spending more per person but for a higher quality, more memorable experience.

Something borrowed

Client-centric design

My design process is very client driven.

It is important to me that my weddings don't all look the same—my clients don't typically come to me because of a certain look that I specialise in.

I believe weddings are so unique in that no individual is the same and no couple is the same. Weddings are an opportunity to learn more about the couple, by bringing out a style and design that speaks to who they are.

That being said, I am all about practicality and understated elegance. A little can go a long way and we like to help our clients create beauty without breaking the bank.

Something blue

Colours of the rainbow

To build a colour scheme, I start by asking my clients about their everyday style and preferences—home decor and typical shopping lists all speak to a client’s style.

While a wedding is a chance to do things differently, a client is always going to be happier when staying true to themselves.

I had a client do a whole rainbow theme with every bridesmaid in a different coloured dress and each groomsman wearing a different coloured boutonnière. I would call their colour palette vibrant, unique and whimsical!

A bride holds a super colourful bouquet: red, orange, purple, green and yellow. A colour palette accompanies the picture
Weddding design by Megan Tinio. Image credits: Onelove Photography. Colour palette made in Visualist.

Browse for magical moments on Instagram, or learn more about Megan's services on her website.