Wedding Favours With Sommy Echezona

Megan Hill
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Sommy Echezona lights candles in preparation for a wedding ceremony
Sommy Echezona—wedding planner

Sommy Echezona is the founder and director of M.Fiore Events—a UK based wedding and events service designed for creative couples. Sommy prides herself on bringing movie-like moments to life for her clients.

Sommy shares the aspects of her job that always make her smile, predicts next season's trends and recites words of wisdom with the help of an old wedding day tradition: something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue...

Something old

Favourite moments

After months of planning, the final call/meeting with your couple—going through the wedding day in detail and seeing how their story will unfold—is the best feeling. Everything has come together and your couple is truly put at ease so that they can simply enjoy getting married!

A recent favourite moment was my last couple's first dance. They were so worried but when it came to it, all that mattered was them and the love they shared—they went into the dance with ease. I loved being part of making their day come alive.

A couple kiss at the head table of their wedding. Simple white design with blue accents
Understated beauty—wedding design by Sommy Echezona, M.Fiore Events.

Something new

What's trending?

Everyone loves traditional floral displays but for the 2023 wedding season, I think there will be more creative backdrops for wedding ceremonies! Whether that is geometric shapes, marble walls, etc.

Pearls are also becoming a big trend, pearl headbands, pearl veils, and pearl detailing on dresses—I can't wait to see a lot more of this.

Something borrowed

Great advice

The best advice I've ever received: "Just do your best and let the planning plan itself on the day."

Listen to your couples, give them advice and ideas, help with their vision and when it comes to the day, breathe and follow the great plan you all worked hard on.

Something blue

Authentic inspiration

I find colour inspiration through the couple themselves, by finding out their passions, food loves, and hobbies.

I also find inspiration in movies. So many movies have a relatable feel/moment to everyone's love story so these are the best ways to find creative inspiration.

For my last wedding, the colour palette was vibrant, relaxed and romantic.

A bride and groom stand in front of a floral arch on a vintage tapestry carpet. Colour palette is reds, oranges, natural greenery and creams. Colour palette made in Visualist accompanies the photo
Vibrant, relaxed and romantic—wedding designed by Sommy Echezona. Colour palette made in Visualist.

Find out more about Sommy's services on her website, or browse an archive of her work on her Instagram.

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Wedding Favours With Sommy Echezona

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Words by 

Megan Hill

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October 12, 2022

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