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A Day In The Life of a Wedding Planner With Jess Sheldon

wedding planning

What does a day in the life of a wedding planner look like? Jess Sheldon shares all.

Words by 

Megan Hill

Published on 

October 12, 2022

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Jess Sheldon is the founder of wedding design and coordination company, Copper & Bloom.

Jess talks finding inspiration, taking on new clients and creating authentic experiences with the help of an old wedding day tradition: something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue...

Something old

It's so easy for couples to get caught up in traditions and what others expect or think their wedding should look like. I am a firm believer in being authentic and creating an experience for your guests that they will remember because it oozed personality from beginning to end.

But one thing that never gets old is seeing the groom's reaction when their beautiful bride walks in. I’m a sucker for love so that always gets me!

Something new

When taking on a new client, the first thing I need to figure out is if we would have a good working relationship. Ultimately, I am being entrusted to plan one of the most important days of a couple's life, so ensuring that we can work well together is key.

When it comes to vendor collaborations, the talent that is out there is second to none. You have to be creative in this industry and anyone who is passionate about their business and creating beautiful weddings is a great ally to have!

Something borrowed

I describe my style as Bohemian Luxury, a mixture of the Boho free-spirited nature with a hint of modern luxury. A lot of my inspiration comes from the 70s, especially with the relaxed bohemian style. My style is always full of lots of textures and asymmetry, I like to call it perfectly imperfect!

Something blue

I take the majority of my colour inspiration from nature. I usually opt for fairly neutral and muted tones with hints of metallic features but I do love mixing these with more stand-out colours to create a modern concept.

My last clients requested a colour palette that was relaxed and whimsical, perfect for an Autumnal wedding.

See more of Jess Sheldon's wedding designs on Instagram, or find out more about her services on the Copper & Bloom website.

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