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Rejecting Convention With Constance Taylor

wedding planning

Constance offers insights on creating authentic client experiences, building colour palettes, and upcoming wedding trends.

Words by 

Megan Hill

Published on 

October 19, 2022

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Constance Taylor is the founder of Mrs T Weddings, an award-winning luxury wedding planning consultancy.

As well as delivering the perfect day for her couples, Constance partners with Vow for Girls—an organisation enabling women around the world to choose love on their own terms.

Constance reflects on emerging wedding trends, the importance of collaboration, and how colour shapes an experience with the help of an old wedding day tradition: something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue...

Something old

Mrs T Weddings is all about breaking free from the traditional structure and "box-ticking exercises" of wedding planning. We offer our couples a deeply personalised service that ultimately gives them a wedding that is truly authentic to their personalities and values.

This is achieved by adapting the planning experience to them, rather than trying to fit them into a formulaic process that is at odds with their lifestyle. Our focus is on removing the idea that planning will be an onerous, cumbersome task on top of their already busy schedules. As a former project manager and Operations Director, I find smart ways of working with what time my couples have to ensure we avoid any last-minute decisions.

Some of the best advice I've ever received is, "Anything is possible." And it’s true! It’s our job to make it happen, and we always take on any challenge with a positive can-do attitude which we pass on across the complete supplier team.

Something new

Mrs T Weddings has no set style, and it never will. Our ethos is always about finding out what is unique and authentic to our couples. We explore their history and heritage, and how we can bring that to their wedding. Naturally, couples do find inspiration from bygone eras—vintage transportation remains very popular. We recently had a couple that were very influenced by architectural design, which became a fun focal point for their wedding cake design—a bright, bold, square creation with references to origami and architecture.

The 2022 wedding season saw my most unique Groom entrance yet—arriving at the ceremony in a traditional wooden rowing boat with the sounds of Otis Redding floating over the lake. As soon as we visited the venue, he was keen to make this his entrance, and it was my job to make that a reality for him. It wasn’t without numerous trips into the water during rehearsals, but on the day it all came together beautifully and he got the entrance he loved and deserved.

This season we’ve seen far more celebrant-led weddings and couples taking their ceremonies "off-script". We have had ceremonies laden with glitter balls, bold colour schemes and an abundance of florals. Couples are definitely moving away from tradition and we’re hugely supportive of this. We have loved seeing some big, bold creative decisions from my couples this year and we think this is only going to increase as people look to make their weddings totally unique.

Something borrowed

At Mrs T Weddings, collaboration is vital. Weddings have so many moving parts, meaning we are always looking to curate a team of suppliers that are experts in their individual fields whilst respecting the expertise of others.

With every supplier we’re asking, "Do they fit with our couple’s style? Do they complement the other suppliers? Do they meet the needs of locality and price point?" Once we’ve considered all angles, I bring those recommendations to my couple and the curation process begins.                                  

Something blue

We often associate colours with particular moods and feelings and this can influence colour accents and bold palettes. Nature and the four seasons are definitely a source of colour inspiration. The venue also has a strong influence on the colour scheme—outdoor ceremonies embrace natural surroundings, whereas indoor ceremonies are an opportunity to invite nature inside.

I have a background in art, fashion and design, so I’m mindful of using my couples’ individual style, fashion sense and home interiors to build up a broader colour palette.

Beyond florals and tablescapes, the atmosphere, light, colour, perceived temperature and sense of space can all be enhanced using high-quality lighting and production. I will often bring in supplier teams that can transform a setting at the flick of a switch, injecting warmth, colour and vibrancy through intelligent lighting but also in more unique ways such as through the food and drinks we are serving their guests.

Find out more about Mrs T Weddings on their website, or browse an archive of Constance's work on Instagram.

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