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Wedding Favours With Camilla Boniek

Megan Hill
A fairytale aisle designed by Camilla Boniek
Camilla Boniek—wedding and events planner

Camilla Boniek is a wedding and events planner, born in Italy and based in London. Camilla's approach to wedding planning is moulded by her empathy, her attention to detail and her dedication to making every event a memorable experience.

Camilla shares words of wisdom, wedding trend predictions and heartwarming memories with the help of an old wedding day tradition: something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue...

Something old

A love of love

When I was 18, I used to work as an event hostess to make some money whilst studying. By chance, I was put in contact with a wedding planner in need of an assistant at an upcoming wedding. And well… here I am.

I can still remember the excitement that I felt during that day—I’ve always loved love! I have had great organisational skills from a very young age, so that experience just made sense to me and connected all the dots.

A church with stone columns and white marble ceiling. An aisle lined with white linen covered Pews and pink  lit flowers
Aisle of fairytales—created by Camilla Boniek.

When helping others to celebrate their love is your job, you make plenty of amazing memories—that’s the reason I love it, and why I in fact don’t see it as a “job” at all.

One particular memory will always have a place in my heart...

A client of mine's father seemed cold and was mostly silent—an introvert. I thought he didn’t like me. But during the wedding, right after the cake was cut, he hugged me and said, “Thank you for your precious help, I have never seen my daughter this happy. I’m sure this is so much more than she ever dreamed of”

Something new

Bolder than ever

2023 will be the year that bold colours take over in the wedding industry.

Blue and purple, in particular, will be the protagonists of the upcoming season—which makes me very happy, I love that combination.

A wedding dining space lit in pink and purple hews with big floral centrepieces on tables
Bolder colours are set to take over the 2023 wedding season. Dining room designed by Camilla Boniek.

Something borrowed

Make it your own

The advice I received: “Once you planned it, re-plan it. And then start again.” This is the best way to ensure you don't miss anything.

But here's my personal take: “Plan it, design it but above all feel it.”

Something blue             

Inspiration everywhere

I find colour inspiration in everything. Last night, my son was wearing orange, white, and light blue pyjamas and I immediately had a visual in my mind. You’d be amazed at how many things are inspiring when you look rather than just see!

A timeless favourite colour combination of mine is nude colours with blush pink. To me, it feels heavenly and the natural shades make it timeless and pure.

A 4-tier wedding cake covered in flowers in the nude-pink colour palette. A palette depicting these colours is layered over the photo
Cake commissioned by Camilla Boniek, colour palette created in Visualist.

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