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I'm a Wedding Planner, How Do I Land a Podcast Appearance?

Lyden Claire Killip
I'm a Wedding Planner, How Do I Land a Podcast Appearance?

Podcasts are a great way for wedding pros to share their expertise, reach a new audience of potential clients and establish their brand name within the wedding industry.

There is of course the option of starting your own podcast as a wedding planner, but an equally effective (and easier) way to gain exposure for your wedding planning business is to feature as a guest on other wedding industry podcast shows!

How can you bag yourself an invite to appear on a wedding industry podcast? Just follow these simple steps.

Do your research

Sending a DM or an email with your pitch to the podcast hosts. Before making your first move, it is important to get familiar with the podcast and the host themselves.

Understand that these podcasts maintain their reputation and bond with their audience by providing valuable content. Thorough research will help you to craft a pitch that proves you contribute to that value and gives you a better shot at landing that spot as a guest.

You can flex your achievements all you want, but your ability to align, add value and connect is more important.

Tell your story

Podcast hosts love to share stories, so give them one. Your story is for you to tell—in your pitch, get a little personal and share something distinct about you, your profession, and your brand.

You can also use your social media accounts as your voice. And be brave—tag hosts in your posts and stories, comment on their posts and react to their stories.

Share your expertise

Be your own cheerleader! Highlight your expertise as a wedding planner to capture the podcast host's attention.

No need to brag, but be confident in your abilities and display them by sharing tips and tricks about wedding planning and organisation on your website, social media accounts, or at events. You could even take on a coaching or teaching role for fellow wedding pros—eventually, your wisdom and experiences will reach the podcasting network too!

Update your socials

Give your social media sites a spruce. We're talking Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok—the works!

Are your socials active and up to date? Or do they resemble an ancient history book? You want a wedding podcast host to see your recent experiences and commitments. A profile with an inactive feed and no up-to-date information can be misleading and offputting.

Prepare your portfolio

An incredible portfolio creates a great first impression.

Share your work far and wide and be sure to let podcast hosts know in your pitch if you've been featured in any publications. Pssst! Learn how to nail PR opportunities here.

The icing on the cake is a bank of client testimonials scattered across your website and socials. Nothing beats good, detailed feedback from actual clients you worked with, having their perspective really boosts your credibility.

Now go out there and land some podcast appearances!

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