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Building Client Relationships With Jiovani Cervantes

Megan Hill
Jiovani Cervantes—LA-based personal stylist.
Jiovani Cervantes smiles at the camera, perching on a stool. He wears jeans with a white t-shirt and blue cap
Jiovani Cervantes—stylist

Jiovani Cervantes is an LA-based personal stylist. Jiovani specialises in personal shopping and fashion editorials, curating looks that help his clients to feel authentic, stylish and confident.

Call me anytime

"Before the pandemic, I’d typically meet my clients face-to-face over a coffee. However. I now conduct our first consultation over either via voice call or Zoom." If that all goes well, Jiovani then schedules a date to meet face-to-face.

Once Jiovani establishes a relationship with his clients, all that's needed is a simple text or phone call, whether that be at 2 pm or 2 am!

Identify the source

With each client, Jiovani identifies two key factors that determine the direction and approach that he will take: intention and obstacles.

Intention refers to why his client wants to elevate their wardrobe, and obstacles refers to what is currently preventing them from achieving absolute style confidence.

"I need to understand how my client would like to show up for themselves and what I need to do in order to make that happen."

Overcoming obstacles

Jiovani is more than a stylist to his clients, he is also an honest friend.

"I run into the same fork in the road with every client. They have to face their obstacles and learn to embrace them. It's about using insecurities as fuel to move forward, instead of letting them hold you from your fullest potential."

Jiovani does his best to console and uplift his clients, hopefully providing them with enough of a spark to light a fire of confidence within.

A man in the foreground wears a blue suit, pink shirt and clear sunglasses, a man in the background wears a red suit with striped shirt and black patterned tie
Suited and booted—smart suits styled by Jiovani Cervantes.

We challenged Jiovani to understand a new client's intentions and obstacles—if he has just ~5 questions to work with...

What... does a typical week in your life look like?

When...was the last time you felt absolute confidence in an outfit you’ve worn? What was the occasion?

Why... are you seeking assistance from a personal stylist?

Who... do you take most of your style influence from?

Where... do you see yourself in five years? What are you wearing?

A woman poses holding a magazine and wearing a matching lilac check long sleeve crop top and mini skirt
Your perfect style? Check—a lilac checked two-piece styled by Jiovani Cervantes.

Find out more about Jiovani's services on his website. Follow Jiovani on Instagram to explore an archive of his editorial work.