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Find Home Renovation Inspiration on Instagram

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Looking for home renovation inspiration? These 10 home renovation accounts on Instagram are a great place to start.

Words by 

Lyden Claire Killip

Published on 

June 2, 2023

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Antique homes are beautiful relics of bygone eras. They exude class and elegance, but it takes a lot of work to turn the beautiful shell of an old building into a functional modern home.

Whether a home renovator yourself or a professional interior designer looking to embark on more renovation projects, Instagram is a great place to start looking for inspiration. These home renovation accounts on Instagram are not only a great source of aesthetic inspiration, but they are also a source of educational tips from renovators who have “been there, done that” and provide some much-needed motivation when your own project gets a bit tough!

Ready to add some old-world charm to your Instagram feed? Follow these 10 home renovation accounts on Instagram…

The Countryside Classic

Who: @ourcotswoldsconversion

What: 1950s Bungalow

Where: Adderbury, Oxfordshire

Scroll through the archives of this incredible transformation, a 1950s bungalow turned stylish modern residence. Though the final result is a polished masterpiece, the owner does not shy away from sharing the truth about the renovation: attention to detail, patience, and a lot of hard work. The owner also happens to run a home decor studio so you'll want to keep note of all the beautiful brands tagged!

The Victorian Masterpiece

Who: @1895stepler_house

What: 1895 Victorian-style House

Where: United States

Part 1895 Victorian, part indoor jungle! Sarah is the proud owner of this vintage treasure and a growing number of houseplants. This account is one for the interior lovers, Sarah has an eye for aesthetics and a knack for preserving the story of the original home.

The Newcomer

Who: @twodoorrevival

What: 1910 Tudor Revival

Where: Woodruff Place, Indianapolis

Meet Meredith, the owner of this magnificent 1910 Tudor revival and a not-so-handy home renovator! Meredith had no experience in the home improvement industry but proved you can transform a residence with nothing more than passion, patience and a will to learn. An account that reminds you to enjoy every step of the process, even the smallest details or the seemingly menial tasks.

The Perfect Pair

Who: @reorigination

What: 1896 Folk Victorian Farmhouse

Where: Nashville, Tennessee

Two minds are better than one, especially when it comes to renovations. Married couple JM and Linz document the slow and steady revival of their 1896 Victorian farmhouse. The pair are not afraid to get their hands dirty and put in the hard work, taking on jobs from cutting wood to connecting electric wires but ensuring they stay true to the original build in the process.

The Romantic Renovators

Who: @cbhouse_renovation

What: Georgian Coach House

Where: Hereford, Herefordshire

Once upon a time, a young couple fell in love with an old Georgian Coach House... Their affection for the home saw them undergo a long labour of love to restore it to its former glory. A heartwarming tale of how a house becomes a home—the couple even shared their wedding pictures that took place on the grounds of their estate.

The Bay Side Beauty

Who: @victorianbythebay

What: 1895 Queen Anne

Where: San Pedro, California

A true vintage lover, Gina proudly shares progress pics of her Queen Ann restoration and all the vintage trinkets she finds along the way. This account is a lesson in maintaining the original features of a classic home whilst making it functional and beautiful in the modern age.

The DIY Dude

Who: @manwithahammer

What: Georgian Property

Where: Devon, England

Greg, otherwise known as a man with a hammer, has been renovating his forever home to become his 'Admiral House' for three years. Greg posts great quality photos of his aesthetic decors and designs. He also loves wallpapers and textiles and tags all of his suppliers—interior designers take notes!

The Family Abode

Who: @powell_victorian_revival

What: 1890 Victorian

Where: United States

This Victorian residence has been sat dormant for years just waiting for the Powell family to come and restore it to a loving family home. After purchasing the property, all members of the family immediately pitched in to begin building their dream home. Follow for heartwarming content of the kiddos trying their best to help out their dad (aww!).

The Gorgeous Georgian

Who: @my_georgian_manor

What: Georgian Country Manor

Where: Dormansland, Surrey

As well as beautiful bathroom shots and satisfying before-and-afters, this account shares all the unglamorous parts of interior renovations too—which the interior design pros amongst us will find relatable. As well as staying authentic on the gram, the homeowners have stayed true to the authentic Georgian style of the home whilst still injecting buckets of personality with quirky murals and DIY decor. A treasure trove of inspiration for designers looking to venture out of their comfort zone.

The Classic

Who: @totheshireborn

What: Victorian Manor House

Where: Shropshire, England

Married couple Kath and Phil never expected that they'll be entering into another lifelong commitment—renovating this 60-room Victorian manor house. This account even has something to offer for those who prefer life outdoors, with plenty of garden restoration content too.

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