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What Does Your Client Want From Their Home? Interior Design Client Questionnaire Template

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Interior designers need to understand their client's lifestyles and personalities in order to design a home they'll love.

Words by 

Megan Hill

Published on 

August 10, 2022

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Above all else, a home should be two things: functional and personal. Every home should be a true reflection of its resident's lifestyle and personality. Once you have found out what your client needs from a project, you can start finding out what they want. How does your client hope to live within the space you're creating? In what ways can this space enhance their lifestyle? What is going to make this space instantly recognisable as their own?

Visualist speaks to five top interior designers to find out what they've got jotted down on their client intake form...

Laura Medicus

What type of entertaining do you do?

It is important to understand how a client wants to interact with the space, but also how they hope to interact with others within the space. How can the room you're designing enhance your clients' relationships and facilitate beautiful memories?

Laura Medicus is the owner and principal designer of Denver-based interior design firm, Laura Medicus Interiors. Read our full interview with Laura here.

Lucy Smith

Where do you usually shop?

Whether it be for clothing, homeware or even food, the way your client shops reveals a lot about their personality, priorities and tastes (quite literally when it comes to food). Familiarise yourself with the brands/shops that your client chooses to interact with and see if there is a common thread that can be translated into your design.

Lucy Smith is the founder of antique furniture store and interior design firm, Lucy Madeline Design. read our full interview with Lucy here.

Liselle Milner

What activities do you regularly enjoy participating in?

Do you like to cook and entertain? Do you want space for indoor games on a rainy day? Do you need storage space for sporting equipment? An outdoor shower for sand rinsing/dog washing? Your client needs their home to function on a daily basis, so you need to know what day-to-day life looks like.

Liselle Milner is an award-winning interior designer and founder of Zenterior Design. Read our full interview with Liselle here.

Devin VonderHaar

What is the first thing you feel when you hold this/enter here?

Though it may seem tedious, figuring out the value of each item in a client's home gives you great insight into their priorities—and will definitely help to clear some clutter!

Devin VonderHaar is a Portland-based home organiser and creator of The Modern Minimalist. Read our full interview with Devin here.

Nikki Holt

Where do you want to be transported to when you're in this space?

There is no place like home... but sometimes it's nice for a home to feel a little bit like somewhere else. Perhaps your client pines after their favourite holiday destination; or craves the comforts of a previous home. A client's answer will reveal more about the ambience they hope to feel in their home and could inform stylistic decisions based on certain areas, emotions or eras.

Nikki Holt acts as design director for the Luxury Residential Design Studio at Denver-based interior design firm, Kimberly Timmons Interiors. Read our full interview with Nikki here.

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