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Forget the Filter With Gemma Wheatcroft

Megan Hill

Gemma Wheatcroft is a hairstylist and MUA with a roster of A-list clients. Gemma uses makeup to accentuate natural beauty and empower the person behind it.

A selfie by Gemma Wheatcroft. Gemma has blonde tight curls
Gemma Wheatcroft—makeup artist

What iconic look would you love to put your spin on?

Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra in Cleopatra. Iconic, strong and fearless!

Whom would you love to get ‘camera ready’?

Indya Moore is goals! Stunningly beautiful, unique, empowering, brave, strong and confident in who she is.

Who's your muse?

AJ Odudu. She is so badass and beautiful. She’s a natural beauty but has fun with her hair and makeup. She is real and unfiltered and she always brings sunshine energy to the makeup chair.

How do you want your work to be remembered?

I want my work to be remembered as a true representation of beauty and confidence.
a moodboard of Gemma's previous work. Natural, glowy makeup on black women
A collection of Gemma Wheatcroft's makeup looks. Made in set.new


I would love to keep creating fresh, real, unfiltered images. I want women to feel themselves in makeup, not as though they are wearing a mask.

I like gorgeously enhanced skin tones, highlighting a woman’s uniqueness and encouraging the confidence to be ‘who you are'. I want my makeup to make a woman feel on her A-Game, to help uplift her natural inner qualities and enable her to shine. She should feel confident and empowered in her uniqueness.

I'd shoot in Havana, Cuba. I love the rich beautiful colours, the African, Spanish and Caribbean vibes and the uplifting music and dance.

My idea derived from seeing too many edited and filtered faces. Girls' and young women’s ideas of beauty are being warped by filters, so much so that they don’t recognise or like themselves without one. I want women to feel comfortable in their own skin and see the beauty in themselves again. Makeup should enhance, not hide.

It’s cool to be creative but I always want to see the real you underneath.
a moodboard depicting Gemma's concept. Havanna streets with natural makeup looks
Visualist's interpretation of '#nofilter'—a fashion shoot rejecting the over-filtered editorials trending today. Made in set.new

Find more of Gemma's work on her Instagram.

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