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Aimee Twist Invites You to Enter The Dollhouse

Megan Hill
A collection of beauty looks created by makeup artist Aimee Twist. Moodboard made in Visualist's set.new.
Aimee Twist headshot. Long white blonde hair and blue eyes.
Aimee Twist—makeup artist

Aimee is a make-up artist born and bred in London. Having worked with of-the-moment brands like Lexxola and Jaded, Aimee's work continually captures ever-evolving modern-day beauty trends.

Whose 'glam team' would you love to be a part of?

I would love to do Anya Taylor-Joy's makeup. Not only is she one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, but she also looks great in all kinds of looks and I think you could really push the boundaries with her.

Name a timeless beauty icon...

I am a huge Pamela Anderson fan and have always been inspired by her mix of classic beauty and a bit of Rock 'n' Roll. I try to emulate this in my own work. I like to add a little bit of edge to whatever I do.

How do you want your work to be remembered?

I want my work to be remembered for being fun and inclusive.

I am a firm believer that makeup is there to express yourself, in whatever way you see fit.

I love to challenge beauty standards and play with shapes and colours, but really I see makeup as an escape. I am not here to challenge people's beliefs or take a political approach, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I just want my work to be remembered for fun and inclusion of everyone.

We asked Aimee to share her 'bucket list concept'—the creative vision that she hopes to one day bring to life...

A collage of bold makeup close-up portraits
A collection of Aimee Twist's makeup work. Made in Visualist's set.new.


Plastic perfect.

All the models would be dressed as very 90s versions of Barbie and Ken and I'd use makeup to create a 'plastic-looking' effect. Think big hair, big makeup and excess in all forms.

I would want this shot in a purpose-built real-life 'Barbie Dream House' with colourful walls and plastic furnishings, even a mechanical elevator! Essentially, it would be complete with all the things we remember from our dolls' houses growing up.

The idea derives from my love for icons of the past. I love anything glamorous and, what appears to be, perfect. If we look at the icons through time, like Marilyn Monroe for example, they often have imperfect or tragic lives. The idea of the dollhouse is that it appears to be perfect from the outside but never truly is.

It’s also a nod to the current state of beauty standards. We are prone to over-editing our lives (social media, plastic surgery etc.) but I want to make people question whether any of that will ever make us truly happy...

A Barbie themed moodboard. Glam makeup, lots of pink and a huge pink mansion
Visualist's interpretation of 'Dollhouse'—a Barbie-themed shoot investigating 'perfection'. Made in Visualist's set.new.

See more of Aimee's work on her Instagram, or her website.

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