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Jack Allman Wants You to Stare!

Megan Hill
A moodboard of Jack Allman's editorial styling work

Jack Allman is an up-and-coming London-based fashion stylist. His hard work and talent have already earned him work with the likes of House of Solo and Lauren Lewis—but this is just the start...

Jack Allman—stylist

What shaped your appreciation for fashion?

My interest in fashion started when I lived in Australia—I wanted to become a painter or an author. I would love to learn to story tell as aboriginals do. I wanted a way to illustrate stories, and I found it in my love for photography.

When I moved to England, I learnt of Diane Vreeland and her vision at Vogue—her ideas were fresh and illustrated brilliance. The way she could sew emotion and art into imagery was inspiring and so exciting to look through. As an upcoming stylist and creative director, that is what I look forward to emulating in my career!

How do you reinvigorate your creativity?

Walking! I love walking through Londo,  or wherever I am, and taking everything in. The way people are getting on with their day, the colour of buildings—there is so much to keep your mind creative and refreshed.

What do you hope to achieve with your work?

I think everyone wants their work to transcend time, they want to be remembered in some way. I’m the same really.

A collection of Jack Allman's editorial styling work. Made in set.new.

We asked Jack to share his 'bucket list concept'—the creative vision that he hopes to one day bring to life...

LA Piscine

The drama, the elegance, the stares!

My idea takes inspiration from the likes of Helmet Newton, David Hockney and La Piscine—a french film from the 60s featuring Jane Birkin.

I would have to shoot in Los Angeles, California in the summertime.

As for models: Veruschka. She is her own art form! I would also have Valentina Sampaio, Joan Smalls, Omar Apollo, Jacob Elordi and Sherry Shi—what a dynamic grouping they would make.

They'd be styled in major swimsuits, platform heels, crazy amounts of costume jewellery, sunglasses and gowns—you can never forget evening wear.

I would love to select a few pieces from Halston’s earlier collections—so many elements go into those dresses. They ooze regality, elegance, refinement and allure.

Jack Allman illustrates LA Piscine—a Hollywood revival of the classic french film. Made in set.new.

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