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Think Pink With Anh Dinh

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An editorial concept dreamt up by stylist Anh Dinh, and brought to life in Visualist.

Words by 

Megan Hill

Published on 

May 13, 2022

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Anh Dinh is a Berlin-based fashion stylist. Anh works with artists and commercial productions, using clothing as a way to communicate their image and goals.

Meet Anh Dinh

Which designer would you love to collaborate with?

Sydney Nwakanma from the Berlin-based brand, Emeka Suits. I truly admire what he does.

Emeka produces one-of-a-kind suits from fabric that he finds in markets in Africa. He travels regularly to find the right materials and has found opportunities to work with members of the community on his travels. I have styled his designs on several of my artists before but I would love to take it further with maybe a custom collaboration if the opportunity arises.

Who would you love to style?

My favourite thing about styling personalities is getting to collaborate with them creatively on the most intimate of topics: what they wear.

Clothes say so much about a person, so it is really important to get to know and understand my artist in order to have them look dashing and fashionable but still 100% like themselves.

So, therefore, everyone I dream of styling is someone whose personality I admire: Selena Gomez, Zendaya, Emma Watson, Anna Kendrick and Jessica Alba to name a few.

What collection will you never forget?

This goes out of my usual, but there is one collection that has stayed in my mind all these years—Chanel SS 2012. My personal epic fashion memory. Thinking of it now, I think my bucket list concept is definitely inspired by that show. Only my dream would be in pink, rather than white.

How do you want your work to be remembered?

Oh, this is so difficult to answer! I am Gemini—I am interested in so many things!

One of the biggest compliments is people telling me they recognise my signature on a styling—clean and harmonious but still fresh and bold.

But beyond my work in styling, I use my platform to advocate for social justice across racism and mental health. I actually started a streetwear company with my business partner, Nida Temaj, called Frank Berlin—our mission is to raise awareness surrounding mental health. I hope that I can be remembered for inspiring others to speak up and not feel alone in whatever they are going through.

A moodboard showcasing Anh's editorial work to date. Pastel colours and a minimalist aesthetic
A collection of Anh Dinh's work. Made in Visualist.

We asked Anh to share her 'bucket list concept'—the creative vision that she hopes to one day bring to life...

Think pink

Cool but cute but cool.

I dream of a shoot where set design and styling come together in a perfect candy land harmony.

They would build a dreamy wonderland according to a pink colour concept to which I will bring the perfect matching outfits. I am really into pink. Sometimes I have a hard time working so much with male rap artists! I got one of them into a pink latex blazer suit recently and he loved it—he even said he would consider wearing pink more often now. All my dreams came true!

Anyhow, for the concept I would definitely keep the styling rather cool and clean instead of tapping into the cute area too much. Maybe we make it a video instead of photos. I prefer to style moving visuals, hence my focus on music videos and commercial styling.

A moodboard interpretation of a pink candy wonderland. Models dressed in all pink suits, candy floss and a room filled with pink bubbles
Think pink. Made in Visualist.

Follow Anh's signature style and fight for social justice on her Instagram or check out her website.

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