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Colour Picker Chrome Extensions for Designers

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Add a little colour to your process!

Words by 

Megan Hill

Published on 

February 7, 2023

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Looking to make your creative process a little more colourful? Download a colour picker chrome extension.

A reliable colour picker extension is a designer's best friend. Colour is an integral part of the design process and finding the perfect hue can be a time-consuming process, but colour picker extensions are a clever way for creatives to speed up their workflow and make sure they always find the perfect shade. With the help of a chrome extension colour picker, you can spend less time spent searching for HEX, RGB, and HSL values, and more time building beautiful colour palettes into your designs.

Designers have a great eye for colour, but an eyedropper chrome extension can provide a little extra support when needed, making a colour picker extension is a must-have tool for designers, artists, web developers and more. Add these top colour picker chrome extensions to your design toolkit to make your creative process more efficient, and decidedly more colourful!

Top 3 colour picker Chrome extensions for designers

The best Chrome extension colour pickers available to creatives who need help picking colours, identifying colour codes and building colour palettes.

Ultimate Color Picker by Verblike

Made for: The meticulous designer

We all know how frustrating it can be when a colour picker can't identify the perfect colour you're looking for. But Ultimate Colour Picker by Verblike is a colour picker chrome extension that leaves no room for error. This colour picker extension has extreme magnification capabilities and a clear user interface, so you can identify the perfect colour for your project, pixel by pixel. And the best part? It has its own shortcut—use [Shift + Alt + C] for fuss-free colour picking!

CSS Peeper

Made for: The curious designer

CSS Peeper is a favourite chrome extension colour picker amongst experienced designers. Say goodbye to digging through code searching for your perfect colour and instead invest in this smart CSS chrome colour picker tailored to designers. With this colour picker extension, you can inspect the colour palette of any web page in an instant. Then simply copy hex codes across into your design software, et voila! CSS Peeper also has advanced features that unveil the fonts, dimensions and even line height used of any site—a colour picker chrome extension perfect for the nosey designer.

Color Picker by Fardos

Made for: The aesthetic designer

With Fardos' colour picker chrome extension, you can save colours and gradients from any site into a neatly organised, easily searchable library. Search the colour picker extension by colour name or hex code and be greeted with a full breakdown of the colour and its complimentary pairings. Unlike other developer tools, Fardos colour picker tool has a great user interface which means building that perfect colour palette just got a whole lot easier!

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