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How Team Visualist Listens to Lo-Fi

Megan Hill

Here at Visualist, we use lo-fi to re-energise, increase focus and remind ourselves of all the internal tools that enhance our creative flow.

Tune in for an insight into our favourite lo-fi creators and curators.

Garbeo by Made in M

Recommended for: The Explorer

Made in M spent a day intentionally lost in Berlin, trying out his friend's new film camera. The resulting, rambling footage inspired the transportive sounds that came to be known as 'Garbeo'—a colloquial Spanish term referring to a short stroll.

Why we listen:

With sounds of city life playfully littered between rambling keys and bluesy trumpets, Garbeo is an invitation into an undiscovered city. You're escorted down forgotten alleys and through bustling market crowds. Before you know it, you're laughing and drinking with the locals in a shabby backstreet bar.

Listen out for:

'Olhos': The perfect soundtrack to a wandering mind.

Today Feels Like Everyday by Mama Aiuto

Recommended for: The (Reluctant) Pessimist

Ongoing isolation may have left you struggling to pinpoint when—or where—one day ended and another began.

For those feeling drained and disorientated, Mama Aiuto provides a gentle, fleeting reminder of the beauty in the mundane.

Why we listen:

Steady beats and familiar rhythms somehow combine with an impalpable twist. We tune in to shake up our perspective, put on our rose-tinted glasses and remind ourselves of all the little things that bring us joy.

Listen out for:

'Lax Incense': An opportunity to reflect on micro-pleasures present in everyday life, like the sweet smell of incense.

Wild Mint Infusion curated by Visualist

Recommended for: The Idler

Team V's Charlotte concocted this herbal remedy to cure creative stagnation, akin to the sharp awakening of an extra-strong mint!

Why we listen:

We may be biased, but this skilful blend of restorative soul, infused with funky jazz, is guaranteed to keep you on your toes. This mix is pumped through the office as a mid-week refresher or called upon in times of inspiration drought. This is Team V's tried and tested pick-me-up!

Listen out for:

'Most Really Pretty Girls Have Really Ugly Feet': We cannot confirm or deny this strange theory, but regardless—this tune is sure to bring your ideas to life.

Ghosts Of The Floating World by Kalaido

Recommended for: The Dreamer

Kalaido narrates a tale of spirits, divine beings and faraway lands, reminiscent of your favourite bedtime story.

Why we listen:

Hypnotic melodies, juxtaposed with omnidirectional cosmic chimes, help our imaginations run wild. Think unexplained oddities in unexplored lands. Ever wondered what a lucid dream feels like? This might come close.

Listen out for:

'One Summer Afternoon': Spritely and enchanting sounds to appease the child at heart.

Falling by Kudasaibeats

Recommended for: The Romantic

A sincere recount of falling in and out of love... Join Kudasai on the all too familiar rollercoaster.

Warning: may cause tears.

Why we listen:

Heavy bass lines mirror fluttering hearts and leave us thinking of them—and all their charming imperfections. We regularly plunge into our feelings to honour the belief that, whatever you're working on, it should come from the heart.

Listen out for:

'A Night Together': Lose yourself in memory and channel those messy emotions into your work.

Our lo-fi mixes have earned their right of place in the Visualist team. Many have accompanied brainstorming sessions, cheered on 'eureka' moments and even aided the writing of this very article.

Be sure to let us know what lo-fi discoveries you would add to our playlists!