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A Day at The Louvre With Claire Cook

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An editorial concept dreamt up by stylist and creative director Claire Cook and brought to life in Visualist.

Words by 

Megan Hill

Published on 

May 31, 2022

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Claire Cook is a multi-disciplinary creative working across graphic design, photography, styling and creative direction. Claire runs her own styling & creative management studio, fittingly named Claire Cook Studio.

Meet Claire Cook

Do you have a favourite designer?

Phoebe Philo. I love her simplicity of style and her ability to distil complex design problems into simple, elegant and almost invisible solutions. Any of her old Celine pieces would be a dream to style.

What celebs would you love to style?

Zoe Kravitz and Alexa Chung—if only to have access to their insane personal closets! Also, Johnny Depp because his ring collection is iconic. I've recently watched 'Why didn't they ask Evans' and so I have to say Lucy Boynton too. I'm hooked on her personality and general charm.

How do you want your work to be remembered?

I'd love to be known for a unique, timeless (in the sense that it endures) aesthetic that feels human and genuine. I am inspired by so many different mediums (poetry, ceramics, books, art, online platforms like blogs, Pinterest and Instagram, food & drinks, etc.)

I hope that variety comes across in my work and feels holistic in that inspires your mind, body and soul.

a french aesthetic moodboard: art/cafes/minimalist street style
Claire Cook's creative portfolio. Made in Visualist.

We asked Claire to share her 'bucket list concept'—the creative vision that she hopes to one day bring to life...

Modern Art

Walking through the Louvre is so invigorating and inspiring yet, at the same time, it feels so calm. It is the universal symbol of elegance and art history, located in the most romantic city in the world (IMHO).

I'd love to do a shoot recreating classic oil paintings with modern clothes/design with a real warm, nuanced feel to each shot. Think: Art-lexa Chung.

A moodboard depicting a fashion shoot at the Louvre: art Parisian skyline, Celine catwalk styles
Modern Art, made in Visualist.

Find more of Claire's work on her Instagram or check out her website.

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