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Welcoming a New Generation of Wedding Clients

Sophia Angel Lou Quiachon
Welcoming a New Generation of Wedding Clients

Wedding bells are ringing for a whole new generation! Are you prepared to plan weddings for Gen Z clients? Will you even notice the difference?

Generally speaking, Gen Z couples are very different from Millennial couples. Gen Z are idealistic, techy, price-conscious, and love a sweet balance of quality, price, and good customer service!

They also communicate in different ways, Gen Z couples are digital natives and so your traditional methods of communication and engagement might need to adapt.

As a creative, it is your role to evolve with the times. Change is never a bad thing but it is best to be prepared. Let's explore five things you can expect when working with Gen Z wedding clients.

Best to be social

First things first, to even work with Gen Z clients you're going to need to be active on social media.

The digital natives that they are, where do you think Gen Z will go to search for their wedding planner? That's right, social media. And that doesn't stop at the client acquisition phase, Gen Z clients are likely to want to continue to communicate with you via DMs and regular video calls.

For this younger generation, TikTok replaces Google. You want to craft a strong presence across both TikTok and Instagram for the sake of being searchable, but whilst you're there it is a good idea to do your research and stay up to date with all the evolving trends that these clients are sure to request.

Remember: for this demographic, aesthetic is everything but so is seeming approachable and warm, which leads us to our next point...

I wanna hold your hand

Rather than this being a generational factor, this one could come down simply to age. Your Gen Z clients are going to be younger, mostly in their early to mid-20s, which will likely mean they need a little extra reassurance and guidance throughout the entire process.

Gen Z couples will frequently ring or text you whenever they want to ask something, your role here is to hold their hand as much as it is to plan the event!

With these younger clients, your communication needs to be thorough, regular and honest—this generation really values transparency.

Be patient and perhaps a little parental, but never patronising. Gen Z clients most definitely know what they want and want to be treated with respect, they just need a hand to hold too!

Luxury on a budget

Given the current economy, you'll find that Gen Z clients don't have wads of cash to splash on a wedding—but that doesn't mean they're willing to compromise on the feeling of luxury.

The good news is that many Gen Z clients in fact prioritise experience and time with their nearest and dearest over extravagant decor or stunts.

In order to craft a Gen Z couple's perfect day on a tighter budget you'll simply need to listen closely to what it is they really value and be creative in where you source materials, catering and entertainment from—the challenge should actually be good for you!

Meet the parents

Last but not least, expect to see more than a young couple during consultations!

Most Gen Z clients will bring their parents or relatives with them to aid in their decision-making. Most of the time it's because they need the assurance of having someone more experienced to help them but sometimes you'll find that the parents just want to join in the fun!

It is important to always acknowledge the suggestions of parents or other relatives involved in the planning process, but be sure to always prioritise the wants of the couple. Worst case scenario you'll need to come between minor conflicts between the parents and the couple. But at the end of the day, both parties only want one thing—a beautiful wedding!

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