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Wedding Favours With Becca Parsons

Megan Hill
Wedding design by Becca Parsons, founder of Evermore Weddings
Becca parsons wears leopard print skirt and headband, holds a takeaway smoothie whilst smiling at the camera
Becca Parsons—founder of Evermore Weddings

Becca Parsons is the founder of Evermore Weddings. Specialising in dry hire and marquee weddings, Becca works with couples who have bags of style but still know how to kick back and have fun!

Becca explains her approach to finding inspiration and understanding new clients with the help of an old wedding day tradition: something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue...

Something old

The job for me

I remember tearing up listening to the speeches at one of the first weddings I ever ran as a coordinator back in 2014 and thinking, "this is the best job in the world". That was the moment I knew I wanted to make this a career.

Helping couples celebrate and watching them create priceless memories with their loved ones is such a privilege and it never gets old.

I can usually tell I've done a good job just by looking at the faces of my couples—if they have big smiles and are totally absorbed in the moment then I know I've succeeded.

Something new

Onboarding a new couple

My client onboarding process always begins with a video call. I find that this is by far the most effective way to get to know my clients and helps to establish mutual trust and understanding.

I'll ask the couple about their plans so far and we'll talk about the vision they have, their likes/dislikes, and their priorities. My favourite question to ask new clients is "How do you want your wedding to feel?" This question helps me understand both their personality and their priorities for their day.

A bride stands with 5 bridesmaids in varying shades of pink to red
A bride and her bridesmaids—wedding designed by Becca Parsons, Evermore Weddings.

Something borrowed

Cross-industry inspiration

I always encourage my clients to look outside of the wedding industry for inspiration. Interior design and fashion are particularly good places to look if you are feeling stuck. Are you someone who loves to wear bright colours or is your wardrobe strictly monochrome? Is your house full of soft neutrals or bold prints?

I often have clients who know that they don't want a traditional green and white wedding but are struggling to narrow down what it is they do want—or they can't find suppliers who understand their vision.

These days, more and more couples are opting for humanist ceremonies because they add such a special personal touch to the day. I think it is a trend that will definitely keep growing.

Something blue

Bolder the better

I love a bold colour scheme, so generally, the couples who book me are already on board with that—I think my website/social media content helps to attract couples who love colour as much as me.

I try and do one or two styled shoots each year to showcase new ideas and to give couples an idea of what my designs look like. The Australian wedding industry is a big source of inspiration for me—I previously worked as venue manager for a luxury Melbourne wedding venue and I think they are more daring and modern than the UK wedding industry.

I had a wedding recently that featured a pink, red and orange colour scheme and it was absolutely phenomenal. The brides were a little worried that the pink and orange would be too much but it looked so good and it's a colour combo I adore. The design also featured disco balls and one of the brides wore an incredible sequin dress so I named the design "Disco Sunset".

Brides kiss in front of a huge wooden framed window with a pink and red flower installation hanging above their heads., one bride wears a sequin dress, one wears a dark green suit. Colour palette accompanies the photo
Disco Sunset—wedding designed by Becca Parsons, Evermore Weddings. Colour palette made in Visualist.

Find out more about Becca's services on her website. Check out Evermore Weddings on Instagram for a bank of wedding day inspiration.