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Should I Offer Virtual Interior Design Services?

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Take your interior design services online following this simple guide.

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Lyden Claire Killip

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February 21, 2023

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The demand for virtual interior design services accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic and shows no signs of slowing. Virtual packages allow clients greater flexibility, accessibility and convenience, whilst still providing the luxury of working with a professional interior designer. As an interior designer, you have mastered the art of turning a house into a home—can you offer the same transformation virtually? Working virtually bypasses geographical restrictions, meaning you can now offer your expertise to a much wider client base, and can save you both time and money. Ready to open up a world of opportunities within virtual interior design?

What is a Virtual Interior Design?

Think of virtual interior design services are a toned-down version of your current offerings. As a virtual interior designer, you'd offer advice on sourcing, layout, and decor but without having to do the heavy lifting of construction, decorating or installation. The best part? You can do it all from the comfort of your own home. As a virtual interior designer, you'll get used to meeting clients via Zoom calls and communicating online. Note: You don't have to move your entire business online, but could instead treat virtual services as an extension of your current offerings. By offering virtual services you open yourself up to a new market of clients and provide yourself with a new avenue of income.

How Does The Process Work?

A simplified outline of the steps associated with virtual interior design.

Get to know your client + the space

As with any interior design client, you need to get to know their wants and needs for their newly designed space. It is always a good idea to get to know your client via a video call and you can also prepare a detailed questionnaire for your virtual client to answer.

You also want to familiarise yourself with the space to be designed. Because you're working virtually, visiting the space is not an option so photographs are a must. Send your client an extensive list of photographs you need of the space and guide them on how to measure the space.

Start your design

Time for the fun part! When starting a virtual design, moodboards are your best friend. Prepare moodboards for your client to ensure you are executing their vision and use digital tools to ensure efficient communication. Once you have agreed on a direction for the design, you can start rendering.  Remember to keep communicating with your client throughout the process and accommodate their requests for tweaks and changes to fit their taste (and budget!)

Submit the final draft

Once you have refined the design and sourced all the necessary furniture and materials, it is time to present your design to your client. It is important to clearly list where your client can find all the furnishing and materials used so that they can replicate the design themselves.

Bring your design to life

From here, your client is responsible for bringing the design to life. However, it is a nice touch to keep yourself available for questions and to oversee their progress.

Best virtual interior design platforms

There are a number of virtual interior design platforms to provide the neccessary digital tools to help you establish yourself as a virtual interior designer. These platforms, including Havenly and My Bespoke Room, provide you instant access to clients readily seeking virtual interior design services and allow you to market your expertise to a whole new market. Sign up to these virtual interior design platforms to kickstart your venture into virtual interior design.


Stucco's users have one goal: find the perfect interior designer for their project. Stucco provides a great opportunity for virtual interior designers to expand their clientele because they hire interior designers for project-specific remote work— all you have to do is fill out their online application. Whilst you wait for their response, browse Stucco for buckets of beautiful interior inspiration.

Stand-out feature: virtual furniture store

You know that feeling when you enter a furniture shop—the sheer excitement at all the possible ways you could incorporate the pieces into your designs. Stucco mimics that fantasy by providing a virtual furniture shop. Interior designers can source different products from an array of brands such as Anthropologie and West Elm.

Visit Stucco's website.

My Bespoke Room

Houzz awarded Bespoke as the "Top Rated Interior Design Service 2022"—and it is well-deserved. The Bespoke team is comprised of highly skilled and experienced interior designers. Bespoke excels in spatial interior and lighting designs—an eye-catching addition to your curriculum vitae as a virtual interior designer. Once a team member, you will take on designs for both commercial and home interior spaces—a great way to widen the scope of your capabilities.

Stand-out feature: search by specialisation

The Bespoke team focuses on consulting and supporting clients from the initial stage of design to its conceptualisation. As a Bespoke designer, you'll be able to list your specialities so clients can search directly for your skillset and easily see you are the perfect match!

Visit Bespoke's website.


Havenly has earned itself a reputation as the go-to site for interior design clients looking for virtual services—meaning plenty of exposure for you as a designer. Havenly is committed to "making room for better living"—if their slogan resonates with you as an interior designer, then you might want to join their team.

Stand-out feature: customised profile

Havenly proudly presents their designers—each of them boasting a customised profile showcasing their personality, style, and specialisation. This is great news for you as a designer, your ideal client will find you with little to no hassle!

Visit Havenly's website.


Decorilla is a virtual design service platform with an exceptionally easy sign-up process. Decorilla is the perfect place for designers just branching into virtual interior design to build their portfolio and still earn great money doing so—Decorilla only charges a small commission from their clients!

Stand-out feature: 3D room designs

"Wow" your clients with Decorilla's 3D room designs. 3D renders mean you can better showcase your vision and help clients to visualise their dream space.

Visit Decorilla's website.

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