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Social Media Marketing: Expectations vs. Reality


Can you distinguish a social media myth from an effective marketing strategy?

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October 18, 2023

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Social media is an ever evolving landscape; what is true today might not be true tomorrow when it comes to optimising content for algorithms and maximising reach. However, there are some consistent truths to social media marketing that remain largely misunderstood.

Understanding the social media marketing landscape is essential to the growth of your small business; it is the key to turning a "like" into a loyal client. But with the abundance of social media marketing advice available, how can you determine the genuine formula for social media success?

We've compiled a bank of common misconceptions when it comes to social media marketing and compared the expectation to the reality. This will help ensure that your social media marketing strategy is as effective as possible. Ready to learn the truth about social media marketing?

Social media marketing strategies that work

Before hitting that 'post' button, ensure that your social media marketing expectations align with reality. By avoiding these common social media mistakes, your social media marketing strategy will thrive.

Social media presence

What you think works: having a presence across lots of platforms

Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest, and X (previously known as Twitter)—five major social media platforms you cannot afford to miss. Having a presence across all of these platforms will increase your chance of brand visibility.

What actually works: choosing one channel and mastering it

You've heard it countless times before: a jack of all trades is a master of none. There is no need to sign-up for every social media channel out there. Why not focus all your energy in creating an effective marketing strategy on one platform? This can result in higher client conversion than posting repetitive, un-inspiring content on every platform.

It can be scary to put all your eggs in one basket but managing multiple accounts can be time-consuming and demanding to maintain. Focusing on one platform allows you to become a master at engaging with your audience and promoting your services.

Posting on social media

What you think works: posting frequently on social media

You've likely heard that posting daily on your social media platforms is the key to social media success. By posting more frequently, you will begin to notice that more accounts are being reached, right?

What actually works: posting thoughtfully and purposefully on social media

Quality over quantity. Whilst consistency is important, it is better to post high-quality content less regularly than to bombard your social platforms with sub-par content. That being said, yu should still aim to post a minimum of 3 times per week.

Networking on social media

What you think works: "networking" via likes

Engaging with posts from other content creators, like leaving likes or comments, brings you into their sphere. Consistently engaging with their content demonstrates your unwavering support and genuine interest in their brand.

What actually works: actually speaking to people

Although liking someone's posts helps you get noticed, it doesn't automatically mean you are connecting. If they have a huge following, your like and comments might get buried immediately.

Instead, incorporate messaging brands directly into your social media strategy. If you want to collaborate on an upcoming Instagram marketing promo, you can propose your idea to them. Networking on social media is also an opportunity for you to connect with people in your industry. Who knows, you might even land a paid promotion!

Social media reach

What you think works: aiming for huge reach

Nothing beats the feeling when your Pinterest, TikTok, or Instagram marketing reaches over 10,000 accounts. This signifies that your social media marketing strategies are starting to yield results. This achievement can also lead to an increase in engagement rates and follower counts, which, in turn, can influence the algorithm to feature your content on the Explore page.

What actually works: using hyperlocal marketing

The ultimate aim of your social media marketing strategy is to increase client conversion rates. Even if your content reaches millions of accounts, that is only effective if they are millions of people who could realistically use your services.

If you're a small business, adopting a hyperlocal social media marketing plan enables you to target specific local demand. There is no point to marketing to customers from the United States, if you only service clients in the UK. Use local hashtags, geotags, and collaborate with local influencers to make your content more accessible.

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